Unique Travel Guide Offers Insights into Cuba’s Incredibly Rich Culture

Cuba is a State of Mind

Cuba is a State of Mind by Orlando Florida-based writer p. w. long allows people to explore and experience Cuba in ways that few really get to do.

Here is an innovative travel guide that opens readers’ eyes to a little known Cuba by giving voice to Cuba’s silent majority.

Full of magical energy and limitless promise, Cuba seems to grab people by the soul and change them forever.

Richly poetic and reading more like a novel than a travel guide, Cuba is a State of Mind gives opens up the minds and hearts to the realities of the landscapes, cultures and geography rather than just a map to the local sights. The detail descriptions and vivid colorful presentations focuses on the lives of the real Cubans, the black and rural white, who struggle to build a life in the country they love.

Written as an intimate travel narrative, the authors strive to giving readers a startling insider’s perspective. They ask and provide answers to some of the most troubling and insightful questions such as:

¨ Why is Ché so revered by Cubans?

¨ What is the plight of the Black Cuban?

¨ Why are Cubans so devoted to Fidel Castro and so concerned about what might happen after he dies?

While no one in Cuba feels life is easy, they all acknowledge it is better.

“This socialist island in the sea of capitalism” has a strength of spirit, a culture and a humanity that overcomes all adversity.

Written by three intrepid travelers who experience and write about the human consciousness of the places they visit, Cuba is a State of Mind gives readers a passport into Cuba’s cultural, political, economic and environmental issues.

Cuba Is a State of Mind gives future travelers to Cuba another perspective of Cuba to consider. The book may provide encouragement to travelers to explore and experience this wonderful country, our closest neighbor to the south. Here, in this uniquely personal guide, you can open your eyes—and your heart.

Cuba Is a State of Mind (The Spiritual Traveler Vol. I)

by p.w. long with Juaquin Santiago and Elijo Truth

Category: Travel – Sociology, Cultural Studies, Political Science, Current Affairs, Spirituality

Edition: First; Specifications: Softcover, 6 x 9,

80 pages; Season: Spring 2006; Price: $12.95;

ISBN: 978-4-902837-18-8

Published by blue ocean press

Cuba is a State of Mind is available online and is distributed to the book trade by Ingram.

About the Author

p. w. long is a researcher who has traveled to Cuba several times to study Cuban education policy and its role in the formation of individual, family, community, and national consciousness. She lives and works out of the Orlando area. Her godparents live in Cuba.

Contributing authors Juaquin Santiago and Elijo Truth are journalists who contributed essays to Cuba is a State of Mind.

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