Daily Specials Delivered Fresh by Email

NEW YORK, April 3 /PRNewswire/ — The questions of where to eat tonight and what are they serving are now being answered by an innovative daily email service — delivered, of course, free of charge.

SpecialsByZip.com provides the information New Yorkers need when they need it most. By 5 p.m. every day, SpecialsByZip.com sends an email message to all registered subscribers listing local restaurants’ nightly specials, featured dishes, discounts and other events for that night. In New York, where an estimated 60% of the meals are eaten outside the home (the highest percentage in the U.S.), this seems to be an ideal service.

“Subscribing is free and the email is at home awaiting workers to help them choose where to eat,” said Michael Frankel, president of SpecialsByZip.com. “Restaurants can tailor their message on a daily basis. For example, they can add incentives or discounts on nights when they expect slower business,” he added.

SpecialsByZip.com is targeted at people who dine outside the home multiple times a week and are interested in the nightly featured specials and special deals. Restaurants pay weekly to participate and the service is free to the public. Each restaurant also has a page on the website with address and reservation information, a menu and photos if they wish.

“In a city like New York, where eating out is such a common social and business activity, people have been signing up very quickly,” said Frankel. “Now those restaurant decisions can be made faster and more prudently with the latest information sent automatically.”

This is Frankels’ second entrepreneurial venture. Shortly after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2003, he launched KosherAdvantage, Inc. (http://www.kosheradvantage.com/) which provides members with discounts to more than 130 participating restaurants, stores and butchers in the New York and New Jersey area as well as restaurants in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Toronto and Los Angeles. Membership is only $2.95 per month.

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