DELTA AIR LINES BANKRUPTCY NEWS: Issue No. 2 Released by Bankruptcy Creditors’ Service This Morning

FAIRLESS HILLS, Pa., Sept. 16 /PRNewswire/ — Judge Beatty approved the $1.7 billion interim request for debtor-in-possession financing by Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL) this morning. Additional information about that financing pact and Judge Beatty’s ruling is available in Issue No. 2 of DELTA AIR LINES BANKRUPTCY NEWS released by Bankruptcy Creditors’ Service, Inc., this afternoon.

Publication of DELTA AIR LINES BANKRUPTCY NEWS began following Delta’s commencement of its chapter 11 restructuring earlier this week. A free copy of the first issue of DELTA AIR LINES BANKRUPTCY NEWS is available at at no charge. A free copy of today’s issue can be obtained by sending a request to by e-mail.

Carlo B. Fernandez, Christopher G. Patalinghug, and Frauline S. Abangan serve as the newsletter’s editors. They read every line of every document delivered to Judge Beatty’s doorstep and other regulatory agencies and bundle the salient facts contained in those complex documents.

“Our editors are bankruptcy pros,” Peter A. Chapman, BCSI’s president, says. “They know how to quickly sort the wheat from the chaff and bring order to chaotic and arcane court filings. Our newsletters provide lawyers, creditors, competitors, asset buyers, and other parties-in-interest with an efficient and affordable way to sift through the mountains of court pleadings and seemingly random information delivered to the courts.”

DELTA AIR LINES BANKRUPTCY NEWS is distributed on a subscription basis by e-mail for US$45 per issue. New issues are published as significant activity occurs (generally every 10 to 20 days) during the company’s restructuring.

Since 1990, BCSI has published similar newsletters tracking billion-dollar insolvency proceedings. Currently, BCSI publishes similar newsletters tracking billion-dollar insolvency proceedings since 1990, starting with Federated Department Stores. Currently, we provide similar coverage about the restructuring proceedings involving Northwest Airlines, US Airways, UAL Corporation and United Airlines, VARIG, S.A., ATA Airlines, ASARCO LLC, Solutia, W.R. Grace & Co., Owens Corning, Armstrong World Industries, USG Corporation, Anchor Glass

Container Corp., Allied Holdings, Inc., Collins & Aikman Corporation, Meridian Automotive Systems, Inc., Tower Automotive Inc., Federal-Mogul Corporation, Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers, Integrated Health Services, Mariner Post-Acute & Mariner Health, TECO Energy Inc.’s Panda Gila River and Union Power subsidiaries, Winn-Dixie Store, Inc., Kmart Corp., Ames Department Stores, Spiegel, Inc. (and its Eddie Bauer and Newport News subsidiaries), Mirant Corp., PG&E National Energy Group, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Enron Corp., NRG Energy, ANC Rental, the Roman Catholic Church in the United States, Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, Inc., Interstate Bakeries Corporation, Pegasus Satellite, Adelphia Communications and Adelphia Business Solutions, WorldCom, Winstar, 360networks, Laidlaw, Parmalat Finanziaria, S.p.A., Bethlehem Steel, Kaiser Aluminum, WestPoint Stevens, Burlington Industries, Exide Technologies, National Century Financial Enterprises, Reliance Group Holdings & Reliance Financial, and Loewen Group.

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