Destination Spa Group Reveals the First-Ever Spa Lifestyle Pyramid

TUCSON, Ariz., Aug. 22 /PRNewswire/ — Destination Spas from around the world recently unveiled a new health tool, “Pieces of You” — a Destination Spa Lifestyle Pyramid. “Pieces of You” represents the Destination Spa Lifestyle formula for achieving a healthy and happy life. The model is the first of its kind that advocates the spa lifestyle and incorporates an individual’s whole life — mind, body, and spirit — as compared to focusing on just one aspect of wellness.

“The Destination Spa Lifestyle Pyramid is about the mind-body-spirit connection and the importance of implementing strategies to address all of them in a complementary manner,” states Michelle Kleist, Executive Director of Destination Spa Group. “Incorporating all components into our daily lives is essential for achieving well-being.”

The mind, the body, and the spirit must be in harmony with each other for optimal health. They are interconnected — weakness in one may hinder another area’s development, whereas strengths in all areas can work synergistically. The Destination Spa Lifestyle suggests how to keep the pieces of you in balance and attain total wellness.

The Mind

The mind is constantly active — guiding our behaviors, continuously yearning for more knowledge, and seeking emotional bliss. People can satisfy and control their minds by continually stimulating them with information, engaging in creative outlets, and finding a sense of security.

The Body

The body thrives from active movement and healthy nutrition during the day and abundant, restful sleep during the night. Taking good care of yourself by nourishing the body with whole, nutrient-dense foods, exercising daily, and sleeping in regular patterns, adds enjoyable and productive years to life.

The Spirit

The spirit is the life spark. It is a living part of everyone, which encompasses purpose. When people focus on building meaningful relationships and strengthening faith to understand that purpose, their guided spirit grows.

The Destination Spa Lifestyle Pyramid (2-D or 3-D) is available on the Destination Spa Group website and at all Destination Spa Group locations where Destination Spa Lifestyle classes are taught daily. Examples of these classes include Meditation 101, Hike for Health, Hands-On Cooking demonstrations, arts & crafts, Fitness for Home, journaling, and herb gardening. Collectively, a Destination Spa vacation provides the tools and teaches the skills for guests to start living the Destination Spa Lifestyle and ultimately achieve well- being.

A destination spa is defined as an environment that is dedicated to providing access to and educating people about the benefits of physical activity, nutritious eating, mind-body connections and therapeutic advantages of massage and body treatments. DSG is an organization of destination spa owners dedicated to educating the public about destination spas. Member spas must meet specific criteria for membership and be committed to providing a health renewing experience. A Destination Spa Vacations guide listing member spas with photographs and pricing information can be obtained by calling DSG at 888-772-4363 or by visiting

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