Detroit Windsor Tunnel to Provide Real Time Traffic Information

DETROIT and WINDSOR, Ontario, Sept. 12 /PRNewswire/ — As a vital passenger and economic link between SE Michigan and Southern Ontario the Detroit Windsor Tunnel has expanded the availability of real time tunnel traffic information.

The media, businesses and travelers between Windsor and Detroit (via the Detroit Windsor Tunnel) will be able to obtain real time traffic conditions at the tunnel by clicking on .

According to Neal Belitsky, General Manager, “Though delays between Detroit and Windsor are minimal and crossing the border has never been easier, many still have the perception that crossing the border is difficult and time consuming. This web-based service will provide a real time camera view of the Tunnel’s Detroit and Windsor plazas. Windsor is now operational and Detroit will be on line shortly. In addition to the live view feed, traffic conditions and lane availability will also be updated every half hour.

“These, among other, web enhancements demonstrates our commitment to the next 75 years of serving the community and meeting our commitment to the 25% Challenge offered by the governments of the United States and Canada.”

These services will enable commuters and travelers to better gauge their time and plan their travel accordingly.

The Tunnel is also evaluating adding SMS (text messaging) and e-mail notifications as another value added service to its customers.

Other recent projects showing our commitment to the region include the recently completed paving of Randolph Street and widening of the Detroit toll plaza, acceptance of credit cards for toll on the Detroit plaza and the opening of additional automatic toll machines so more lanes are available on a 24-hour basis. These projects were funded by the Detroit & Canada Tunnel Corporation, owner and operator of the Detroit Windsor Tunnel, at a cost of over $250,000US.

These projects are designed to speed the flow of traffic at the border and increase capacity at the Tunnel.

2005 also marks the 75th Anniversary of the Detroit Windsor Tunnel.

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