Dietary Supplements Should Be Included In Every Travel Kit

San Dimas, CA (PRWEB) July 26, 2005 — Next time you travel overseas via airlines or cruise ships, take selected dietary supplements with you to ward off infection, diarrhea, overcome jet lag, motion sickness and even blood clots in the legs, says health journalist Bill Sardi, president of Knowledge of Health, Inc, San Dimas, CA.

The World Health Organization estimates 30-80 percent of overseas travelers develop diarrhea, an estimated 10 percent on long-haul air flights develop blood clots in their legs, and untold numbers of travelers acquire viruses from shellfish or air conditioning systems in hotels. Many unsuspecting travelers are exposed to flu viruses or even tuberculosis on airline flights. Even more travelers are sunburned, experience jet lag and motion sickness that could be alleviated with dietary supplements. Sardi says the travel industry doesn’t like to advertise these figures for fear it will scare away customers, while simple preventive measures often go unutilized.

Few travelers are coached to take dietary supplements with them before they get sick, sunburned or fatigued, says Sardi. For example, ginger root helps overcome motion sickness and calms inflammation, oil of oregano is useful for a variety of infections, melatonin helps with jet lag, beta carotene taken orally protects against sunburn and vitamin C can help ward off viruses and reduce allergy symptoms. “Few travelers pack for a foreign trip with their health in mind,” says Sardi. “They may be in a foreign land, awaken in their hotel room at 2:00 AM with unwelcome symptoms and have nothing more than an aspirin tablet at hand.”

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