Egypt’s Nile Delta and Desert Oases

Scholar: Dr. Tarek Swelim, a native of Giza, is an Egyptologist, Islamic architectural expert, art historian, and former professor at the American University in Cairo. Through his broad knowledge of the art and architecture of the Middle East, Tarek can present ancient Egypt’s triumphs in a broader regional context. He has been guiding lifelong learners since 1979.

From the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the bustling activity of Alexandria, enter an isolated world of beauty and desolation, explore thriving pockets of life at remote oases, and learn about thrilling new discoveries at archaeological excavations. Go on a safari into the barren sands, and lush oases, and delve into the rich history of Egypt’s Western Desert. Take behind-the-scenes tours of the Library of Alexandria and the newly opened National Museum. Visit the Center of Alexandrine Studies, view land excavations in progress, and learn about exciting underwater studies.

Enter the Western Desert, the “desert of deserts,” to find five thriving oases—Siwa, Kharga, Dakhla, Farafra, Bahariyya—in endless seas of sand. Prehistoric rock paintings, mud-brick villages, Roman hilltop fortresses, temples, tombs, and monasteries reveal a complex history.

• Enjoy a traditional dinner at the house of Dr. Tarek Swelim
• Tour the National Museum of Alexandria and the Library of Alexandria
• Visit the oases of Dakhla and Kharga. At Dakhla, see Neolithic rock art of elephants and ostriches. At Kharga, notice the modern architecture juxtaposed against the remains of ancient monuments
• Marvel at Siwa and its desert hot springs

Optional Pre-trip: March 17 to March 18, 2007
Spend a day at Giza! Visit the pyramids, Solar Barque Museum, and the Sphinx. See the Egyptian Museum’s extensive collection of more than 120,000 objects—including artifacts from the tomb of Tutankhamun. Pre-trip tuition: $375

Optional Post-trip: March 30 to April 5, 2007
Enjoy the highlights of Luxor, Aswan, and the temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel with Dr. Jocelyn Gohary, an Egyptologist and archaeologist living in Cairo. She has lectured and published widely on various aspects of Egyptology, and acts as a regular guide for the Egypt Exploration Society. Post-trip tuition: $2,895

Dates and Tuition
Main Program: Sunday, March 18, to Friday, March 30, 2007
Tuition: $4,995
Nonmember tuition: $5,245 or 800.422.8975

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