Epicurious.com Releases List Of 10 Worst Restaurant Trends

NEW YORK, Sept. 19 /PRNewswire/ — Epicurious.com, the premier food Web site, today issued a list of the top 10 worst restaurant trends.

1. Celebrity chefs who never cook: It’s time to put down the glass of champers, trade the pinstriped Hugo Boss for a white chef jacket, and get back behind the stove.

2. Restaurants with more publicists than cooks: Telltale signs that an eatery will be short-lived: More attention and money are dedicated to the decor than the menu; the phone number or address is a “secret.”

3. Fancified raw cuisine: Despite several prominent chefs’ exhortations, this tasteless, unhealthy trend is both time-consuming to make and expensive to buy (think $12 “tomato tartare” — aka salsa).

4. Sell-out Sams: There is a burgeoning crowd of chefs and sommeliers schilling low-quality products.

5. Megaplexes: Restaurants the size of a football field, with menus to match.

6. Menus brimming with more information than an iPod database: To enjoy the brioche bread pudding, it’s really not necessary to know the name of the farm that supplied the eggs.

7. Overuse of the terms “local” and “artisanal:” These days, you can’t open a restaurant without claiming that you’re truly “buying local.”

8. The 5:30 or 10:30 rule: Call many spots for a reservation less than two weeks in advance, and you’ll likely be told that these are the only time slots available. But show up at 8 p.m., and often you’ll find plenty of tables to spare.

9. Unisex bathrooms: It’s hard enough to share bathrooms with the opposite sex at home.

10. Foam: It has become an oddly-textured, melting lump on the plate at every boite with culinary pretensions.

“Restaurants need to focus less energy on being trendy and more on satisfying its customers’ palate,” said Tanya Steel, Editor-in-Chief, Epicurious.com. “Today, consumers are looking for more of a quality dining experience, rather than a trendy experience.”

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