Is Europe Safe to Visit?

Does the Middle East conflict affect the safety of a vacation in Europe? Now would-be vacationers to Europe can get impartial advice on planning their trip.

London, UK (PRWEB) August 5, 2006 — The Atlantic Ocean separates America from Europe and the Middle East. Should we take account of the escalating conflict in Israel and Lebanon when deciding whether or not to visit Europe on vacation? Did you know that it’s about as far across the Atlantic Ocean as it is from London to the Middle East?

Europe, with its vast array of different types of vacation, is a must for individuals, couples or families. The range of choice is so great that it’s difficult to know where to start. Whether a person is interested in seeing the splendour of the Alps, the unspoiled beaches of the Greek Islands, the sophistication of its capital cities or the historical architecture of its medieval towns, there is something in Europe to suit everyone.

A new book “Amazing European Vacations” has been published to whet a person’s appetite for what Europe has to offer. The author has carefully researched the contents, often through first-hand experience. Readers will be treated to vivid descriptions that will paint their canvas as no other book has ever done. Feel the ambiance of Paris and Barcelona, sense the history of London and Rome. This book will bring Europe to life for readers even before they start their journeys to the airport. The author says, “Writing this book was a labor of love. What a way to earn a living, I visited so many wonderful places and now I am able to pass on my experiences to others.”

A vacation decision cannot be taken lightly. People are often investing a sizable piece of their hard-earned savings and the last thing they want is to be disappointed when they arrive at the destination. Tour operators’ brochures are, quite understandably, aimed at selling a vacation. While the brochures are factually correct — to be otherwise would be to invite subsequent litigation — often it is what is not said that is more important than what is said. “Amazing European Vacations” presents a picture of Europe that readers will relate to as soon as they see it for themselves. They will discover little known restaurants that are away from the main tourist routes and romantic parks that are tucked away behind the high priced souvenir shops.

If a person wishes to see as much as possible in a short time or stay for a prolonged period in one area, if a person is looking for a relaxing vacation or an adventure experience, they will find what they are looking for in this wonderful book.

This book is a must for all who are considering a vacation in Europe. A person might have already visited Europe and wish to visit another country or area, or a person might be contemplating a European vacation for the first time. People cannot really afford to be without this wonderful guide. Would a person invest thousands of dollars in stocks without a thorough investigation into the company? So why invest thousands of dollars in a vacation without first class information? This information is now available by visiting

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