Highlights Recent Gatherings to The Ultimate Exotic Dream Destinations on Earth – The Tahiti and Its Islands Internet Brand celebrates events showing the diversity of the island. First, the president of Tahiti Nui, Oscar Manutahi Temaru announced a law enforcing the integration of handicapped people in the professional sectors, during a march for handicapped rights. Also, the recent Tattoonesia Convention was an outstanding success. Creation of the Memorial of American GI’s military base presence in Bora Bora in 1942.

Tahiti-Papeete (PRWeb) December 4, 2006 — is elated to bring readers news from our heavenly islands.

In November, forty associations of handicapped people took part in a walk in the streets of Papeete in order to show that having a handicap is not a fate. The president of French Polynésie, Oscar Manutahi Temaru, announced to the participants that a law will be studied soon by elected officials to oblige companies to integrate handicapped people within their personnel.

Several hundred people, some handicapped and some not, took part in this walk connecting the town hall of Papeete to the hall of the assembly of French Polynesia.

“Our slogan is: ‘the handicap is in the glance of the other’, therefore we wanted to show that the handicapped people have a legitimate place in companies,” explains the Minister for Solidarity, Patricia Jennings.

The event also marks the opening of “the week of the handicapped” in Polynesia. This year, the theme is “social integration”. Various events will lead to a forum, which will see representatives from various companies accommodating and advising handicapped people.

President Temaru announced in his speech that a law compelling Polynesian companies to integrate 4 % handicapped people among their personnel should soon be subject to a vote by representatives of the assembly. Temauru called on all elected officials of whatever party to approve the text “unanimously”. In French Polynesia more than 5,000 adults and 1,300 children suffer from a handicap.

Meanwhile, the second International Tahitian Tattoo Convention opened Thursday at the Sheraton Hotel Tahiti, bringing together tattooing specialists from French Polynesia as well as Europe, New Zealand and Japan. The festival, known as Tattoonesia 2006, was opened by French Polynesia Culture Minister Tauhiti Nena. The Festival ran until Nov. 12 and included several events, performances and conferences.

The “first Tattoo Beauties awards” was organized for Saturday night with twelve candidates coming from Pacific Islands competing for top awards.

Simeon Huuti took home the Tahiti Tattoo Festival top award and the International prize was awarded to Japanese tattoo specialist Shige. Last year, Hutti and Filip Leu of Switzerland won the top awards. Huuti won the jury’s grand prix in the traditional tattooing category. Leu won the jury’s special prize.

For more than a century, European missionaries prohibited tattooing in what today are Tahiti & Her Islands, considering it a sign of decadence. Previously, during ancient times, the Polynesian people considered tattooing a fundamental part their culture. Since the 1980s, the people of French Polynesia have revived the art of tattooing, which some observers consider as an obvious sign of cultural rebirth. The next Tahiti Tattoo Festival is to be held Nov. 8-11 2007.(

Memorial of the American presence in Bora Bora.

The government of Tahiti nui -French Polynesia- launches the project of a Memorial of the American presence. In deed, on February 14,1942, 5000 GI’s debark on the island to install a military base. They will remain there for more than four years. In fact, the military base is at the origin of the first airport of French Polynesia.

This Memorial is a hommage dedicated to Polynesian, American and all tourists. If you know anyone who participated in the creation of this military base or anyone who took part in the Second World War in the Pacific, please contact by e-mail. Governed Plichart, adviser with the ministry for tourism can be joined to the Tel.: (00 689) 48 40 21 and by e-mail.

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