Festivals of the World

Special Celebrations Highlight Many Adventures Abroad Tours

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ — “Soft” adventure tours with a strong cultural content can be further enhanced by the inclusion of local festivals or fairs that provide intimate insight into the local way of life. The following list features just a few of the upcoming trips offered by Adventures Abroad that are set to coincide with special events that allow travellers to interact with their hosts and immerse themselves in local traditions. For a complete listing of all festival tours, please refer to www.adventures-abroad.com.

Pushkar Camel Fair; Jaisalmer Desert Festival; Elephant Festival — India

In January or February, the sands around Jaisalmer come alive with the brilliant colours, music and laughter of the Desert Festival. Over the years, the desert dwellers in their solitude have woven a fascinating tapestry with threads of music and rhythm and the Desert Festival is a celebration of their heritage. The Elephant Festival gets underway in the month of Phalgun on the eve of Holi, the Festival of Colours every March in Jaipur. Land cost from US$2550.

Inti Raymi — Cuzco, Peru

This festival was celebrated by the Incas as the Festival of the Sun, where the God of the Sun, Wiracocha, is honoured and the day proclaimed by the high priest as the New Year. Many special events including expositions, street and square activities, are held during the daytime and evening; along with live concerts given by the very best of Peru’s diverse musical talents. This is the second biggest festival in Latin America, after Carnival in Rio. Land cost from US$1262; combinations with Bolivia and the Nazca Lines also available.

Teschu Festivals — Bhutan

At the yearly Paro Tsechu, see monks in masks and brilliant silk costumes whirl and leap against a background of sky and mountains, accompanied by blaring horns, booming drums, and clashing cymbals. Land cost from US$2950. Spring departure; combinations with Sikkim and Tibet also available.

For detailed information on these exciting trips call Adventures Abroad at 1 800 665 3998 or visit the website at www.adventures-abroad.com. Adventures Abroad has been in operation since 1987 and offers small group, cultural / historical, adventure, and special interest tours in over a hundred different countries worldwide.

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