Get a 1st Class Deal From BritRail and see Britain With a British Friend!

LONDON, February 20/PRNewswire/ — BritRail has announced BritRail Guest Pass – a great new deal to encourage visitors to Britain to tour the country by train with their British hosts. This is a unique opportunity for Britain-based friends and relatives to experience the flexibility and convenience of the world-renowned BritRail Pass – an opportunity not normally available to residents of Britain. Any in-bound tourist to Britain who orders one of the qualifying Britrail Passes after March 1st can be rewarded with a 50% discount on a comparable full price, adult, 1st class BritRail Guest Pass.

Prices start from just EUR86 for the first pass purchased and EUR43 for his or her British guest. Unbeatable products at unbeatable prices!

This First Class travel promotion offers a selection of options – there is something for every itinerary – including the network-wide BritRail Consecutive Pass and BritRail FlexiPass, the BritRail England Passes or the BritRail London Plus Pass for travel in England’s south-east. But travellers must buy before they fly – BritRail Passes are not for sale in Britain – no later than December 31st 2006. Travel must be completed within the validity period of the Pass selected and not later than 6 months after the date of issue.

Mark Butlin, BritRail’s Sales Director in London said “this is a great way for visitors to Britain to say ‘thank you’ to their British friends or relatives. They can all travel together in the relaxing atmosphere of first class carriages which are less crowded, more spacious, have wider seats and more leg room. 1st class BritRail Passes are the perfect passport to Britain’s 19,000 daily train services which connect the 2,500 stations in England, Wales and Scotland.”

For more information about BritRail and BritRail Guest Pass go to or visit your travel agent.

BritRail Guest Pass – The Finest Gift For Your British Host

Tell Them Now and Plan The Trip of a Lifetime

- BritRail Guest Pass is only valid for use by a British resident, able to produce proof of residency and accompanied on each journey by an overseas visitor with a matching BritRail Pass product.

- The Britrail Guest Pass promotion cannot be combined with BritRail Senior, Family or Party discounts or any other BritRail promotional offer.

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