The Fight Is On – Set the Hook, King Salmon Fishing in Alaska

SITKA, Alaska, April 28 /PRNewswire/ — Adventure vacationers and sport anglers are always hungry for a new challenge. More of them are coming to Sitka to whet their appetites for King Salmon and Halibut ready for a fight along Alaska’s North Pacific Coast.

But first-timers and veteran fishermen alike need an experienced guide to ensure their time and money is not wasted, says Mike Boles, owner and operator of Sitka Point Lodge & Fishing Charters, .

“With the skills required for fishing King Salmon, we recommend operations include experienced deck hands,” says Boles, who is a 17-year veteran of Alaska’s waters and a U.S. Coast Guard captain.

Boles offers these tips for charter fishing in Alaska:

– Travel light. One carry-on only as you will return with two to four
50lb. boxes of frozen fish
– Bring clothes that you can layer as the day warms. A Polar fleece
outerwear with a sweater and shirt underneath
– Wet weather gear, boots and all fishing tackle should be provided by
the charter company
– Confirm service will clean, vacuum pack and flash-freeze your fish

Away from the ocean, Sitka has much to offer visitors with its mix of Alaskan and Russian cultures. A walking tour of this former fur-trading post features museums, shops and cultural activities. Most visitors arrive from Seattle or Anchorage via a three-hour flight on Alaska Airlines. The city features a mild summer climate with highs in the upper 60′s.

Landing King Salmon and Halibut is hard work, so discerning anglers are often in search of creature comforts when they come off the water. At Sitka Point Lodge, patrons are treated to wireless Internet, satellite TV, free local phone calls and a car for use during their stay. “We are constantly searching for the next level of luxury for our guests,” says Stacy Boles, who runs the Lodge with her husband. “Guests rave about 11 PM sunsets from the hot tub!”

The Lodge also features Chef Edward Gassman, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America who often has local delicacies and gourmet meals on the menu. “I love to see their reaction to my favorite native dishes like Salmon & Red Pepper Couli and Poached Halibut with Lemon Beurre Blanc,” says Chef Gassman.

Boles says it is also important to confirm whether a charter service offers U.S. Coast Guard-approved and GPS-equipped boats; all required fishing licenses; point-to-point transportation; and quality fish cleaning. To consult with Mike & Stacy Boles of Sitka Point Lodge & Fishing Charters, call (888) 747-7406, email or visit for a free brochure. Also look for Sitka Point Lodge on the popular Living Southeast Alaska TV show featured on The Sportsman Channel.

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