Flight Spray(TM) and No-Jet-Lag(R) Land Backstage at The 40th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards(R)

LAS VEGAS, May 23 /PRNewswire/ — The jet setting performers and presenters at the 40th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards were personally introduced to Flight Spray and No-Jet-Lag in the celebrity gift lounge backstage.

“It was an excellent opportunity for these artists to learn directly from us about these two wonderful travel products since they spend so much time flying on jets,” said Peter O’Malley, managing director of Global Source, the importer of one of the best selling travel accessories, No-Jet-Lag from New Zealand, and the distributor for Flight Spray from Maui, Hawaii. “There was an overwhelmingly positive reaction to Flight Spray from the performers and presenters. A number of the entertainers we met use No-Jet-Lag and the others were glad to learn about No-Jet-Lag and Flight Spray.”

Flight Spray, the newest travel health accessory, was launched in Las Vegas at The 40th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. Flight Spray and No-Jet-Lag are available through Magellan’s, America’s Leading Source of Travel Supplies — 800-962-4943. Flight Spray and No-Jet-Lag are also available in pharmacies, luggage stores and in airports nationwide.

Flight Spray(TM) — The first nasal hydration spray created especially for airline travelers.

Flight Spray moistens the nasal passages, alleviates nasal dryness and helps prevent colds, flu and sore throats due to recycled airplane air. Flight Spray which is made in Maui, Hawaii, helps to enhance the body’s ability to fight against infection, and clears the sinuses during long flights. www.flightspray.com

No-Jet-Lag is the leader in jet-lag management and the worlds leading jet-lag remedy. No-Jet-Lag is the only jet-lag remedy proven effective in a clinical trial that crossed 24 time zones and involved athletes who are also seasoned travelers. No-Jet-Lag is also backed by a study of international flight attendants who found No-Jet-Lag effective. No-Jet-Lag homeopathic from New Zealand has been an international success for over fourteen years. www.nojetlag.com

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