Just Money Down the Tube? Not if you fly to New Zealand and Australia for Less Than the Cost of Travel Around the UK

LONDON, May 23/PRNewswire/ —

- Research Shows Long-Haul Flights now far Cheaper per Mile Than Other Forms of Transport

It’s official – flying to Australia and New Zealand is actually cheaper than a tube journey in London, driving your car or getting the train, according to long-haul travel specialist Travelbag. Long-haul flights are now such good value that a flight to Sydney or Auckland costs the equivalent of just 2p per mile – however, a one-stop tube journey in Zone 1 in London can cost the equivalent of a whopping GBP1.60 per mile, a typical car journey can cost 16p per mile and a London-Birmingham train journey 12p per mile (1).

Flights to the US, Far East, Africa and Middle East all come in 5p or less per mile whilst even the cheaper tube fares still cost as much as 46p per mile – based on travel from Zone one to Zone two or three.

Return flight to Sydney costs 2p per mile – GBP508 per person

Zone 1 return tube ticket costs GBP1.60 per mile – GBP4.00 per person (one stop)

Train from London to Birmingham costs 12p per mile – GBP25.60 per person (Saver Return)

Car journey costs 16p per mile (Renault Clio clocking up 60,000 miles in three years)

A full list of cost comparisons at the end of this release.

Chris Sherlock, marketing director at Travelbag, says “We always knew that long-haul air travel was great value but it’s astounding that it’s actually cheaper to travel to the other side of the world than it is to travel across London. No wonder the popularity of far-flung destinations is continuing to prosper – in cost terms these destinations are getting closer than ever. And with new routes and more competition being announced all the time, particularly on the popular Australia routes, long-haul travel is more accessible than it’s ever been.”

Sherlock continues, “It’s also possible to buy a complete holiday to destinations as far away as Australia or New Zealand for less than you’d pay for an annual zone 1-3 travel card (currently priced at GBP1,000). And with the trend continuing for more professionals to leave the rat race and take off on an extended holiday, clearly commuters are voting with their feet about where they’d rather be!”

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