Fly EZ Air, LLC Introduces First-Ever Shared Charter Flights from Baltimore Area

MIDDLE RIVER, Md., June 1 /PRNewswire/ — The options for traveling from Maryland or West Virginia to popular nearby vacation spots have never been ideal. Commercial flights from large hubs involve arriving hours early to contend with security and baggage checks, waiting for passengers to board, waiting for spots on the runway and then waiting at baggage claim. The expense of chartering a private plane, though, is prohibitive for most travelers.

Fortunately, a small charter company has come up with a third choice: “shared charters.” Fly EZ Air, LLC ( is offering the first-ever shared charter flights to Atlantic City and Ocean City from Baltimore or Martinsburg for as low as $179 per person round-trip with first- class seating on the company’s new eight-passenger Cessna Grand Caravan.

For the price of a jam-packed commercial flight, Fly EZ Air passengers can drive up to their plane, spend a few minutes checking in and boarding, and immediately fly nonstop to Atlantic City or Ocean City in about a half hour. During the flight, passengers enjoy first-class seating, light snacks and beverages. Upon arrival, the crew retrieves passengers’ bags and assists them in locating rental cars or taxis, then waits to board passengers back onto the plane for the return trip.

Introduced in the 1980s, the turbo-prop Grand Caravan operates safely, efficiently and economically and can easily carry eight passengers and the crew, their luggage, and golf clubs, skis or beach chairs. Each Fly EZ Air flight is crewed by two professional, certified commercial pilots with thousands of hours of flight time.

It adds up to an outstanding value, combining the low prices of commercial air flight with the luxury and efficiency of chartered private flights. And, said John Laou, co-founder of Fly EZ Air, the company plans to grow quickly.

“We envision ten to fifteen flights from Baltimore to Ocean City every week during the season,” Laou explained. “We plan to have several turbo-prop charter aircraft operating profitably by early 2006 and then to purchase several of the new three- to four-passenger Very Light Jets (VLJs) when they are available and grow from there.”

Fly EZ Air is currently the only charter company in the country with a shared charter model. It is, however, an idea whose time has come, said Laou – and he and Fly EZ Air co-founder George Anagnostou aren’t the only ones who think so.

“The U.S. government and investors envision thousands of VLJs and other small aircraft operating from regional charter companies, flying tens of thousands of persons daily from underutilized airports like Martin State, thereby saving hundreds of millions of dollars on fuel and air traffic control costs,” said Laou. “Shared charters as pioneered by Fly EZ Air are an important part of that picture.”

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