Put and Swing Your Way Along The Coast!

Combine your love of golf with the special atmosphere and lovely landscapes of the French seaside. A wealth of 9 to 18-hole courses are waiting for you!

The coast of northern Picardy

Opportunities abound to tee off along the picturesque Picardy coast. Long, sandy beaches and a particularly well-preserved seaside are never far, and certain hotels offer access to nearby courses. Perfect for all levels of players, visitors can play their favourite sport while exploring this little known region.

Le Touquet Golf Club: http://www.opengolfclub.com
Hardelot Golf Course: http://www.opengolfclub.com
Dunkirk Golf Course: http://www.golf-dk.com
Saint-Omer Golf Course: www.aa-st-omer-golfclub.com
Najeti Hotels: www.hotels.najeti.com/fr/etablissement.php (hotels and golf)

The Normandy coast

Normandy boasts some of France’s nicest golf courses, such as Deauville and Etretat. In addition, the region’s green landscape, rich cultural heritage and beautiful seaside make it an ideal tourist destination.

Lucien Barrière Golf Course: www.lucienbarriere.com (Deauville)
Houlgate Golf Course: www.bluegreen.com/houlgate
Caen Golf Course: www.formule-golf.com
Coutainville Golf Course: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/golf.coutainville
Granville- Baie du Mont Saint-Michel Golf Club: www.golfdegranville.com (Bréville sur Mer)
Dieppe-Pourville Golf Club: www.golf-dieppe.com
Etretat Golf Course: www.golfetretat.com

Golfing in Normandy Click Here: http://us.franceguide.com/thematiques/article.asp?idc=14188&idth=21&niv=0

The Brittany coast

This unique region, with its rocky coastline and lovely granite buildings, has some charming golf courses. Take a walk along the beautiful shores, enjoy some delicious seafood and, of course, don’t forget your clubs! Val André Golf Course: www.bluegreen.com/val-andre (Pléneuf-Val André)
Odet Golf Course: www.formule-golf.com (Bénodet)
Cornouaille Golf Course: www.formule-golf.com (Forêt-Fouenant)
Ploemeur-Océan Golf Course: www.formule-golf.com (Ploemeur)
Saint-Samson Golf Course: www.golf-saint-samson.com (Pleumeur-Bodou)
Baden Golf Course: www.formule-golf.com (Auray)
Les Abers Golf Club: www.abersgolf.com (Brest)
Rhuys-Kerven Golf Course: www.formule-golf.com (Saint-Gildas de Rhuys)
Dinard Golf Club: www.dinardgolf.com
Ajoncs d’Or Golf Club: www.golfdesajoncsdor.com (Saint Quay Portrieux)
Golfing in Brittany (helpful information provided by Maison de la France): Click Here: http://us.franceguide.com/thematiques/article.asp?z1=FdfxAW8f&idc=14188&idth=21&niv=0

The Loire region’s coast

This outdoor sport is rather popular in the Loire-Atlantique and Vendée départements, which boast several first-rate, 18-hole courses. Golfers of all levels can pursue their favourite pastime while enjoying a landscape of salterns, small marinas and the Loire estuary.

Lucien Barrière Golf Course: www.lucienbarriere.com (La Baule)
Croisic Golf Course: www.formule-golf.com
Pornic Golf Course: http://www.formule-golf.com
Fontenelles Golf Course: www.formule-golf.com (L’Aiguillon sur Vie)
Port Bourgenay Golf Course: www.formule-golf.com (Thalmont-Saint-Hilaire)
Saint-Jean de Monts Golf Course: www.golfsaintjeandemonts.fr

The Poitou-Charentes coast

Several amateur courses are located near the island of Île de Ré and the charming towns of La Rochelle and Royan. In this region, famous for its oyster farming and historic towns, the sport continues to grow in popularity.
La Rochelle Golf Course: www.golflarochelle.com
Royan Golf Course: www.golfderoyan.com (Saint Palais sur Mer)
Trousse Chemise Golf Course: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/golf.trousse.chemise/ (Île de Ré)

The Aquitaine coast

18-hole golf courses are everywhere in Aquitaine: in the extensive pine forests, bordering the long, pristine beaches or on the beautiful Arcachon Bay. The southwest of France offers visiting players a wealth of topnotch, sun-drenched courses. Fancy a round of golf at Biscarrosse or Biarritz?

Gujan Golf Course: www.bluegreen.com/gujan (Gujan-Mestras)
Seignosse Golf Course: www.golfseignosse.com
Lacanau Golf Course: www.golflacanauocean.com
Biscarrosse Golf Course: www.biscarrossegolf.com
Hossegor Golf Club: www.golfhossegor.com
Ilbarritz Golf Course: www.golf-ilbarritz.com (Bidart)
Chantaco Golf Course: www.golfdechantaco.com (Saint-Jean de Luz)
Biarritz Golf Pass: www.biarritzgolfpass.com (A pass for 6 nearby courses)
Golfing in the Basque Country (helpful information provided by Maison de la France): Click Here: http://us.franceguide.com/thematiques/article.asp?idc=24329&idth=21&niv=0

The Languedoc-Roussillon coast

The climate’s mild and the grass is green all year round along the Mediterranean coast: perfect conditions for your favourite outdoor activity.
Montpellier-Massane Golf Course: www.massane.com (Baillargues)
Cap d’Agde Golf Course: www.ville-agde.fr/sports/golf/
La Grande-Motte Golf Course: www.ot-lagrandemotte.fr/golf.htm
Saint-Cyprien Golf Course: www.golf-st-cyprien.com

Golfing in Languedoc-Roussillon (helpful information provided by Maison de la France): Click Here: http://us.franceguide.com/thematiques/article.asp?idc=24329&idth=21&niv=0

Provence and the French Riviera

Golfers are particularly spoiled in Provence and along the French Riviera, whose seaside courses overlook the Saint-Tropez harbour, the Golfe de Saint-Raphaël or the deep rocky inlets of the Calanques. Greens, bunkers and practice ranges are always well-maintained under the warm Mediterranean sun.

Sainte-Maxime Golf Course: www.bluegreen.com/sainte-maxime (Sainte-Maxime)
L’Estérel Golf Club: www.formule-golf.com (Saint-Raphaël)
La Salette Golf Club: www.opengolfclub.com (Marseille)
Château de Taulane and Claux Amic Golf Clubs: www.chateau-taulane.com (Grasse)
Riviera golf courses: www.rivieragolfer.com
Golfing in Provence (helpful information provided by Maison de la France): Here
Golfing along the French Riviera (helpful information provided by Maison de la France):

The Corsican coast

Play golf on France’s “Beautiful Island”, with its mild, Mediterranean climate and spectacular scenery.
Bastia Golf Course: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/bastiagolfclub/
Spérone Golf Club: www.sperone.com (Bonifacio)

For further information:

French Golf Federation (in French): www.ffgolf.org
E-France Golf (in French): www.efrancegolf.com
Aller au Golf (in French): www.alleraugolf.com
Golfy (in English): www.golfy.fr

Specialized agencies

UCPA (in English): www.ucpa-vacances.com
Relais&Châteaux (in English): www.relaischateaux.com/fr/search/hotel-golf/724/
Tee Off Travel (in French): www.teetravel.com
France Golf Tours (in English): www.francegolftours.com
Fun-and-Fly (in French): www.fun-and-fly.com/fr/golf/voyages/france.html
Golflounge (in English): www.golflounge.com

The many top-quality golf courses lying along the French coast offer travelling golfers the possibility of pursuing their favourite pastime while enjoying France’s rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes. Whatever the season, there’s a seaside golf package perfect for all skill levels.

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