Frequent Flyers Turning to the Internet for Information and Advice

(PRWEB) October 10, 2006 — Poll Indicates Travel Decisions Are Primarily Influenced By Web Sites And Fellow Travelers.

A poll conducted on the popular frequent flyer community Web site,, finds that travelers are not just scurrying online in droves to book their own airline tickets, they are increasingly turning to the Web for information and advice about their frequent flyer programs.

The poll, which has received over 5,000 responses to date, asked three questions:

1. Can you be influenced in the choice of your frequent flyer program?
2. Where do you get most of your information about your frequent flyer programs?
3. Which resource influences your participation in these programs the most?

Among the findings:

• 63 percent of the respondents turned to the Web for information about their frequent flyer programs. Only 21 percent identified frequent flyer program newsletters as their primary source of information, and 10 percent claimed fellow travelers were the best resources.
• When it came to resources that influenced traveling decisions, the Web was again #1, with 53 percent turning to the Internet for advice.
• Interestingly, though only 10 percent seek most of their information from fellow travelers, 23 percent indicated that fellow travelers were the most influential resource.
• A full 79 percent of the respondents agreed they could be influenced in their choice of frequent flyer program.

“Though this poll is far from scientific, it provides an interesting insight into the way today’s frequent traveler finds and processes information that affects their travel decisions,” said Randy Petersen, editor of InsideFlyer magazine and founder of “Whereas in year’s past, members of frequent flyer programs were largely dependent on the program to provide them with information, today’s traveler is more inclined to seek out advice from his/her fellow traveler, and that fellow traveler could be located down the hall or on the Web.”

FlyerTalk is one of several online communities geared toward the frequent flyer, though it is demonstrably the most popular, with more than 115,000 members who have contributed in excess of 6,500,000 posts. The site was recently featured in SmartMoney as one of the top two most useful travel blogs.

Currently, nearly 6,000 posts are added to FlyerTalk on average each day. is a product of Frequent Flyer Services and is included in the award-winning WebFlyer Network of sites. Other sites that make up the network include, which has been voted “Best of the Web” by Forbes and PC Magazine,, and

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