Frontier Ranks #1 for On Time Performance

Department of Transportation Data Reveals Denver Airline to Be Most On Time Airline in the Country

DENVER, Nov. 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — This morning, the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) released its monthly Air Traveler Consumer Report (, ranking Denver-based Frontier Airlines (NASDAQ:FRNT) as number one in “On Time Arrival Performance” among all carriers at the 33 largest airports in America for the month of September with 92.1% of its flights arriving on time. A flight is counted as “on time” if it operated less than 15 minutes after the scheduled time shown in the carriers’ Computerized Reservations Systems (CRS).

Today’s announcement marked the fourth consecutive month in which Frontier has ranked among the top five on time performing airlines in the United States.

* In June 2005, 79.5% of all flights arrived on time — ranking 5th in
the DOT report.

* In July 2005, 80.6% of all flights arrived on time — ranking 3rd in
the DOT report.

* In August 2005, 85.1% of all flights arrived on time — ranking 2nd in
the DOT report.

* In September 2005, 92.1% of all flights arrived on time — ranking 1st
in the DOT report.

“Without question, customer service is the cornerstone of Frontier’s product so a heartfelt congratulations and thank you must be extended to all of our employees who have contributed not only to this month’s number one ranking, but to the stellar performance of the past several months,” said Jeff Potter, Frontier President and CEO. In addition, the contributions of Denver International Airport (DIA) and the efficiencies they afford us as one of the best airports in the country cannot be underestimated. We are grateful to be able to call Denver and DIA our home.”

On time performance is a very specific measurement of an airline’s efficiency, requiring several departments and operations within the airline to work closely together to ensure that each plane arrives and departs on time. The coordination includes departments that touch the consumer experience such as the customer check in process and the efficient loading and deplaning of passengers, luggage and cargo, as well as the efficient ‘turn’ of the plane meaning the aircraft appearance agents and the maintenance crews prepare the plane in a timely manner for its next flight. Dozens of other operational related efficiencies not visible to the consumer also impact the ability of Frontier to maintain a consistently high on-time performance including scheduling, gate management and the efficient recovery from an irregular operation. Frontier leverages all of these aspects of its operations in conjunction with one of the newest fleets in the industry, to create a more efficient and productive airline which means that its passengers can rely on Frontier to consistently deliver them to their destinations safely and on time.

Frontier began voluntarily reporting operational performance information to the DOT in May of 2005. However, due to Frontier’s tremendous growth over the past several years, in January 2006 the airline will be required to submit data per a DOT regulation which states that a carrier must report data once its revenue accounts for at least one percent of total domestic scheduled-service passenger revenues.

In addition to the number one “On Time Performance” ranking, the September Air Travel Consumer report also reported:

* For the second month in a row, Frontier had no flights listed on the
industry “list of shame,” which details flights that arrive less than
20% of the time as scheduled.

* Frontier continues to be an industry leader in fewest flights
cancelled, ranking fourth best on the DOT report. Of those
cancellations, 76% were due to extreme weather disruptions such as
hurricanes. The fourth place ranking represents the
fourth consecutive month in which Frontier has ranked within the top
five domestic airlines for completions.

* Frontier ranked sixth in customer complaints, with only two complaints
filed with the DOT, resulting in 0.32 complaints per
100,000 passengers enplaned.

* At all airports served domestically, Frontier ranked in second place
with a Company record 91.8% of all flights operated arriving within
fourteen minutes of schedule.

About Frontier

Currently in its 12th year of operations, Denver-based Frontier Airlines is the second largest jet service carrier at Denver International Airport, employing approximately 4,600 aviation professionals. With 49 aircraft and the youngest Airbus fleet in North America, Frontier offers 24 channels of DIRECTV(R) service in every seatback along with 33 inches of legroom in an all coach configuration. In conjunction with Frontier JetExpress operated by Horizon Air, Frontier operates routes linking its Denver hub to 48 destinations in 29 states spanning the nation from coast to coast and to five cities in Mexico. Frontier’s maintenance and engineering department has received the Federal Aviation Administration’s highest award, the Diamond Certificate of Excellence, in recognition of 100 percent of its maintenance and engineering employees completing advanced aircraft maintenance training programs, for six consecutive years. In July 2005, Frontier ranked as one of the “Top 10 Domestic Airlines” as determined by readers of Travel & Leisure magazine. Frontier provides capacity information and other operating statistics on its Web site, which may be viewed at

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