GayWhistler Ski Week gets Fresh perspective, February 4-13

WHISTLER, BC, Jan. 24 /PRNewswire/ — Whistler’s long-standing and successful Gay Ski Week returns to the mountains of Blackcomb and Whistler, February 4-13, under new management and with a Fresh look.

GayWhistler, which had already been planning its own events during the annual gay skiing spectacle, has taken over the entire Gay Ski Week after the founding production company, Out On the Slopes Productions, was unable to continue producing the festival. With the cooperation of the resort association, GayWhistler has expanded its role in producing the event on the same dates.

“Our goal is to continue the traditions and bring a Fresh perspective to GayWhistler Ski Week,” says Dean Nelson, a company director and spokesman. “In fact, Fresh is our theme this year and, to us, Fresh means a clean start. We’ve heard why people from around the world come to Gay Ski Week and we are maintaining and enhancing those events that make the trip unique.”

Specifically, GayWhistler Ski Week will feature the on-mountain and off-mountain activities that regular participants value. Guided ski tours, lunch rendezvous’ and popular apres ski parties will continue, along with martini parties, a concert with an international recording artist, a masquerade ball and the dance-til-dawn Fresh Ball.

“We are looking at a more modest event this year, but one that preserves the fun and value that participants expect,” says Nelson. “For regulars, it means the same skiing and the same fun but with a few changes to the event calendar. Our vision is to create a series of events throughout the year.”

“We are happy to step in to expand our schedule and help to provide world class entertainment for GayWhistler Ski Week’s guests,” adds founder Sean Kearns. “GayWhistler has pulled together with the Whistler community to make this happen so we can welcome gay guests from around the world.”

GayWhistler’s vision is to create seasonal events and provide year-round activities, with upcoming events to be named shortly.

For GayWhistler Ski Week participants who booked tickets with Altitude, it’s important to note those tickets are no longer valid. Altitude’s website states that full refunds on any previous purchases are now being processed. Tickets for the new activities and events will soon be available on and available for purchase in the village.

“We understand that this is a hassle for guests that have already booked,” says Nelson. “But we hope that the skiing and fun at the Fresh events will more than make up for any inconvenience now. GayWhistler Ski Week is a great tradition that will continue to be a major highlight in the gay tourism calendar.”

About GayWhistler

GayWhistler is a privately held company that produces GayWhistler Ski Week and other events throughout the calendar year that promotes and welcomes Whistler to the gay community and families.

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