Genpak Introduces Tamper Tuff(R) Luggage Security Bags

Tamper-proof poly-bags help ensure airport security

MINNEAPOLIS and NEW YORK, April 25 /PRNewswire/ — Genpak today announced Tamper Tuff(R), an innovative line of high-tech luggage security bags, designed to help airlines improve safety by strengthening the baggage control process. Patented Tamper Tuff(R) bags are made with specialty resins making them extremely durable, and minimizing potential theft, tampering and contraband planting.

The Tamper Tuff(R) line is being marketed to the airline/cruise industry as an extra safety measure supporting baggage security procedures, such as x-ray and visual inspection. The recyclable, clear polyethylene plastic security bags are puncture and tear resistant with an adhesive bond that can be instantly and permanently sealed around luggage. After a piece of luggage has been checked, the security bag remains sealed and intact until the owner opens it. Any tampering or attempt to gain access is easily visible.

“Tamper Tuff(R) is one important component in the overall process of ensuring airport security,” said Tom Everett, Vice President of Genpak. “This product line safeguards luggage from the initial inspection to the airplane — in areas where many airport personnel and subcontractors have access. If tampering is evident, the luggage will be re-inspected before takeoff. Tamper Tuff(R) can do for flying what tamper-proof seals have done for medicine.”

Tamper Tuff(R) is available in custom sizes for all luggage dimensions and can be personalized with airline logos. Easy-to-use insertion stations enable airline personnel to seal the luggage efficiently. A small opening at the top of the bag allows the luggage handle to be tagged for the destination airport and to be used by baggage handlers to grip the luggage.

New York-based M&G Packaging Corp., a packaging supplier to the airline industry for more than 40 years, is the inventor, exclusive marketer and distributor of Tamper Tuff(R). For further information, contact President Charles Rick at 1-800-240-5288.

Genpak, based in Bloomington, Minnesota, is a high quality producer of extruded polyethylene based film products and printed plastic bags. With sales in all fifty states and Canada, the company supplies major corporations in a wide variety of packaging markets, including airlines, food, retail, medical/dental, hazardous waste disposal, and many others.

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