Unparalleled: German Fussball-Hotel (Soccer-Hotel) Offers Room for a Maximum of 1,200 Guests From Around the World

LÜNEN, Germany, April 3/PRNewswire/ — It’s a veritable soccer fan’s dream. A World Cup Village with World Cup stadiums featuring 16 matches just nearby, a video wall just a stone’s throw away, plus sports, special events and entertainment. The soon to be realized “World Cup Village” in Lünen (just outside of Dortmund) will provide 1200 accommodations. For more information visit www.wm-scout24.de.

On June 9, when the soccer World Cup begins, a tract of meadowland in Lünen will be transformed into Germany’s only World Cup Village deserving of the name. The Village will contain 300 accommodations for up to four persons each. The events hall in the Village that was built specially for the World Cup can hold up to 1500 persons, and the Village will also feature leisure time activities for young and old alike.

Conveniently located

The World Cup Village will go a long way toward relieving the strain on Germany’s tight supply of overnight accommodations. A total of 4.5 million visitors are expected in Germany for the 31 day-long World Cup. Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen and Cologne are only a few train stops away from the World Cup Village, which is a mere ten 10 minute walk from the Lünen train station. The Village’s convenient location makes it an optimal choice for visitors who plan to attend games in places such as Hanover or Frankfurt.

Comfortable accommodations

Visitors can choose between accommodations with breakfast, a choice of two daily meals, or an all inclusive package. A catering service will provide varied breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets each day. The wide ranging leisure time and entertainment offerings are included in the EUR 79 per day price. And anyone that needs to cool their heels after an exciting match can take a refreshing dip in the lake at Seepark Lünen.

World Cup Village accommodations can be reserved at www.wm-scout24.de.

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