Market Innovation: Planning and Booking of the German Lorry Toll in 26 European Languages

BONN, Germany, April 7/PRNewswire/ — Euro maut services offer a Europe-wide system to book lorry toll for Germany in more than 20 languages since January 2005. Transport companies without On-Board-Unit can plan routes and book toll by Internet and/or mobile phone.

“Our service is unique in Europe”, explains Dr. Frank Steinmetz, CEO of euro maut services. “We help transport companies to stay flexible even by booking toll manually. The applications are online in 22 languages and available by telephone in 26 languages. Language barriers are excluded that way. Our customers receive the route planning option as a free added value”, said Steinmetz. Registration with Toll Collect is not necessary for the users since euro maut is registered with Toll Collect. The services can be utilised instantly, regardless of location. On the Internet, tours will be planned free of charge, pre-booked and alternative routes will be considered before setting off. The activation of a toll road can be carried out against a service charge per mobile phone or via Internet immediately before starting the tour. The driver receives a legal confirmation of the booking by SMS.

“By using this system, drivers can respond to current traffic situations and book only used route sections”, adds Steinmetz. It is possible to make a spontaneous booking by calling the Automated Call Centre on +49-(0)1805-88-9000. The service charge per booking with euro maut services is between 99 Cents and 2.99 Euro per route and 3.99 Euro for spontaneous users. Toll and charges will be discounted per credit card. For more information visit

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