Feel the “Bite” — On Halloween Night!

Escaped Vampires From Hurricane Katrina Return for Halloween in the French Quarter

NEW ORLEANS, LA — (MARKET WIRE) — 10/24/2005 — Halloween is known for the resurrection of all things haunted. But after being forced to evacuate the French Quarter, Boutique du Vampyre’s New Orleans-based business owner, Marita Jaeger has decided to resurrect her business with a Halloween Haunted House Night for local residents on October 31, 2005 (622 1/2 Cabildo Alley – Between Pirate’s Alley and rue St. Peter, right next to the St. Louis Cathedral) for the little ‘ghouls’ and boys — the fun begins 4-8 p.m. at the “BOO”tique du Vampyre. Then adults can continue the fright night into the darker hours 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Admission is $1 and other local businesses are joining together to make it a fun Halloween night. Jaeger has additionally taken a new approach to running her business completely offsite, during this real-life scary time of returning after Hurricane Katrina, through the company website, www.feelthebite.com.

Boutique du Vampyre is a French Quarter specialty shop dedicated to Vampire culture. Located in the heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter, the boutique primarily features the work of local artists and a wide assortment of specialty items made on the premises. Some of the shop’s more popular items include their unique Vampire fortune candles, which house pewter charms inside and are chosen by a boutique representative specifically for each customer, as each candle is unique. The list of New Orleans artists include Mardi Gras mask makers, painters, and other craftsmen. The boutique’s customer base included many local residents, as well as tourists with a gothic taste and those who simply happened upon the shop and couldn’t help but be intrigued by the novelites.

Jaeger had already established a website for the shop, however never realized how important the site would become during this time of displacement. First evacuating to Houston, she quickly announced on her home page that they were safe to help curb the tremendous amount of e-mails they received from concerned customers. She decided at that time that keeping customers informed of their business could help the boutique survive Katrina.

Staying with family in California, Jaeger realized that she could set up a temporary warehouse in her parents’ garage, keep the website updated and use that as the boutiques primary source of business. “I had always had the goal in mind to increase our website business to be much more substantial, but never had the time,” said Jaeger. “The response has been fantastic from past customers, and I’ve had more time to work on the site making it a more viable source of income.”

Jaeger spent some time locating her artists and has received their wares from all around the country, making it possible to keep the same level of uniqueness about their products. “You have to do what it takes. This has been a very scary and solemn time for us all, and we can’t wait to get back to a somewhat normal life, but you can’t just lie down. I believe in my shop and am going to do whatever it takes to keep it going. Now that the focus has been on the website I hope to continue to increase and grow the site business, and reopen it for Halloween night, just to connect with the community — this time we all need a fun escape,” Jaeger explains.

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