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(PRWEB) October 5, 2006 — Hysterical or historical, ghostly spirits make themselves as comfortable in America’s B&Bs as living guests do. No one’s sure if it’s the great breakfasts, the warm hospitality, or the atmosphere of these historic homes, but these friendly spirits simply can’t get enough of America’s B&Bs. Once again,, the largest online B&B directory and reservation network worldwide, has compiled the most comprehensive list of B&Bs and inns where ghost seekers will enjoy spirited gatherings and potentially close encounters with the other world, bed-and-breakfast style. Although innkeepers are often afraid to share stories for fear other guests will be scared off, these folks dare to reveal their ghostly happenings.

Some of the B&Bs on’s list of Great Places to Sleep with a Ghost have B-roll and/or photos of ghosts and apparitions taken at their inns. Marti Mayne and Sandy Soule, media contacts and armchair ghost busters, are available for interviews. We encourage the media to use this list for individual, regional, and national stories to share the power of the paranormal at America’s B&Bs.

For a complete list including each inn’s detailed ghostly tales, please visit, and click on the link to Haunted B&Bs on the home page. Listings here are organized regionally, then alphabetically by state.



Red Garter B&B, Williams, AZ: This B&B’s resident ghost, a former “lady of the night,” still presides.
The Elms B&B, Calistoga, CA: The bride of the original owner still inhabits the former master bedroom.
The Groveland Hotel, Groveland, CA: An old gold-miner named Lyle prefers to hang around.

Riverside B&B, Oroville, CA: You’ll hear ghost tales around the fire during Halloween.

Queen Anne Hotel, San Francisco, CA: This former school’s headmistress apparently hasn’t given up her role.

Weathertop Lodging, Silver Plume, CO: Inhabited by the ghost of a 19th-century miner who reminds guests of his presence by occasionally “rearranging” personal possessions.

Bottger Mansion of Old Town, Albuquerque, NM: Resident ghosts sigh, pace, and sometimes even dance.

Bliss Mansion, Carson City, NV: They say this is the place to rest in peace, and during Halloween, stories of paranormal activities and unwanted guests abound.

1888 Linburg House, Goliad, TX: Friendly spirits dwell here, but only appear when there’s a wedding involved.

Prince Solms Inn Bed & Breakfast, New Braunfels, TX: Numerous sightings of a woman in her wedding dress; come hear the tale.


The Blue Belle Inn, Saint Ansgar, IA: The original floor plans to the house were mistakenly taken to the dump, only to reappear later in the attic.

Old Bridge Inn, Jeffersonville, IN: Guests report seeing canes being picked up and twirled around, tea cups floating across the room, and several candles being raised up and set down on their own.

Inn at Aberdeen, Valparaiso, IN: Featured in the book Haunted Hoosier Trails, guests report seeing a little girl ghost, observed late at night on the master staircase.

Bingham Hall B&B, New Ulm, MN: A man named Jake has been seen by innkeepers standing in the doorway, never going in or out.

Hannibal Garden House B&B, Hannibal, MO: Hannibal, the boyhood home of Mark Twain and his fictitious characters Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer, is also home to playful spirits at this B&B.

Rivercene Mansion B&B, Boonville, MO: Not quite ready to leave, the son of a former owner is still hanging around playing pranks on guests and innkeepers.

Colonel Taylor Inn B&B, Cambridge, OH: The Colonel still roams the household, the smoke from his pipe lingering in this non-smoking inn.

C.M. Spitzer House Bed & Breakfast, Medina, OH: A story is told about a nosy female apparition who appeared with limited facial features except a heavy jaw. A story is told about a nosy female apparition who asked a lot of questions, then disappeared.

The Toal House B&B, Hot Springs, SD: Spirits delight guests with the scent of a flowery Victorian perfume or the aroma of vintage cigar smoke, but the encounter doesn’t come to all visitors, only the lucky ones.

Honeybee Inn Bed & Breakfast, Horicon, WI: It’s believed that a lumber baron named Coton is still hanging around with his female companions; his beloved rocking chair where he actually died rocks by itself.


1872 John Denham House, Monticello, FL: Not only is this 130-year-old National Historic Register B&B certifiably haunted, guests can explore another dimension during October Ghost Hunting Weekends.

Avera-Clarke House Bed & Breakfast, Monticello FL: Take this historic stroll, and you just might see ghostly vestiges of Honorable Judge Thomas Clarke, a local banker, appear in unusual ways.

Penny Farthing Inn, St. Augustine, FL: Ghost busters, guests and the innkeeper have confirmed it: there are plenty of playful spirits hanging around here.

Americus Garden Inn Bed & Breakfast, Americus, GA: A warm presence causes strange happenings at this pre-Civil war inn, and the innkeepers have made a science of capturing ghostly occurrences in photos and on tape.

Hummingbird House, Lexington, GA: A benign spirit, referred to as Sarah, watches over the B&B, turning on lights and radios to welcome the owners home.

Azalea Inn and Gardens, Savannah, GA: Photos taken by guests have revealed orbs, and for days one room stayed icy cold despite the heater.

Marshall House, Savannah, GA: Opened in 1851, this inn was used as a hospital twice during Savannah’s 19th-century yellow fever epidemics and during the Civil War by the Union Army. Are they former patients who’ve been reported in the hallways and in the foyer? We’ll never know.

Old Harbour Inn, Savannah, GA: Home to “Hank;” guests have reported smelling cigar smoke when no smokers were present, experiencing things moving around, witnessing coins dropping on the floor, and more.

Springhill B&B and Winery, Bloomfield, KY: Hear the many strange stories of chairs moving, doors opening, children’s voices, and if you’re lucky, get your picture taken with orbs flying about.

Central Park Bed & Breakfast, Louisville, KY: Located in the heart of Central Park, where numerous ghost sightings have been reported, this 1884 mansion has a few friendly spirits still roaming the halls.

5 Continents B&B, New Orleans, LA: In a city known for its ghosts, vampires and Voodoo culture, this inn promises not to disappoint guests with its offer to sleep with not only one spirit, but three.

Avenue Inn B&B, New Orleans, LA: Beds move and shake in the night, singing can be heard coming from the old nanny’s quarters when no one is there, and strange power surges in computers have all been reported.

Castle Inn of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA: This B&B is “certifiably” haunted. The inn claims the ability to connect with its two active ghosts, a servant and a little girl, the two oldest guests.

Creole Gardens, New Orleans, LA: Ghosts don’t like change, and when this building was restored as an inn, 400-pound doors slammed for no apparent reason, and bathroom tiles that had been neatly stacked were found scattered about the floor.

Chretien Point Plantation, Sunset, LA: There are stories about hauntings in every room of the mansion, including everyone from a Civil War General to a lady with a flowing white dress gliding across the room.

Magnolia Mansion, New Orleans, LA: Clearly, spirits here don’t just come from Bourbon Street bars. Take off your slippers and you may hear footsteps out in the hall pacing until bare feet are covered for a more formal appearance.

The Rivers’ Inn, Greenwood, MS: When Rose Marie Kennedy bought the inn, she was unaware of her unseen tenant, but within two weeks the midnight hammering on the plumbing and drawers emptied onto the floor made the ghost’s presence unmistakable.

Katherine’s B&B, Asheville, NC: Grace is the former owner’s great-grandmother who died at the inn. She’s an extremely friendly apparition, who just can’t get enough good loving, today or in her past life. By the way, wherever Grace goes, her dog follows.

Twin Lakes Lodge, Greensboro NC: One guest reported a woman with a long flowing dress floating over the lake one night. Dismissing these visions as a dream, he awoke the next morning to find wet footsteps on his suite’s otherwise dry deck coming up over the railing and to the window.

Carambola Inn B&B, Fuquay-Varina, NC: One ghost sighting included a friendly woman hovering about five inches off the ground. Come see for yourself.

Pinhook Plantation House B&B, Calhoun, TN: Tales of spirits abound here, including the “Lady in the Gray Gown” opening the front door and walking up the winding stairs, and the “Monk” and other ghosts holding a meeting in the Gathering Room late one night.

Franklin Pearson House, Cowan, TN: The Cowan area is widely known as a “hot spot” for ghost activity due to its rich, colorful history; this old railroad hotel is no exception and bustles with interesting yet harmless ghost activity.

Prospect Hill Bed & Breakfast, Mountain City, TN: A visit here may reveal a glimpse of a shadow disappearing around the corner, the distinctive cry of a baby, firm leather shoes going up and down the stairs, or the unexplained shattering of bathroom glasses flying into the air.

Black Horse Inn, Warrenton, VA: Four ghosts have been accounted for in this former Civil War hospital.

Historic Reynolds Tavern, Annapolis, MD: When you stay at Historic Reynolds Tavern, you may be cared for by the innkeepers or by the ghost of Mary Reynolds herself.

Manchester Inn, Ocean Grove, NJ: Check in to room 316, and ghosts may literally pull your leg. It’s been known to happen there, when a guest felt a tugging at her pants leg several times.

Angel Nook Inn, Ocean Grove, NJ: Was it a dream, or did someone touch a guest’s elbow, then run their finger up and down her spine, after her husband left for an early morning run?

Battle Island Inn B&B, Fulton, NY: Whispers of “hello” and a child calling “Mom,” baskets swinging on the walls, and placemats and forks moving from the table to a chair are just some of the games the welcoming ghosts play here.

Captain Schoonmaker’s B&B, High Falls, NY: Starting with the comment “a funny thing happened last night,” guests often share tales of how a candle was lit, a light was turned on, or they heard footsteps when no one was there.

Ancestors Inn, Liverpool, NY: Innkeepers Mary and Dan Weidman are quite sure that the original owners of this house are still present, glad to see a family return to what was once a dentist’s office.

1871 House, New York, NY: One guest recounted a vivid story about awakening to find a well-dressed man wearing a bowler hat standing at the end of her bed.

Cornerstone B&B, Philadelphia, PA: A sweet, floral scent precedes sightings of a ghostly female shape at the Cornerstone.


Captain Grant’s Inn, Poquetanuck, CT: Visitors to this historic 1754 inn are told when they arrive if they hear the loud knock at the door, they can answer if they like, but nobody will be there.

Penny House Inn, Eastham, MA: Home to the “Goodnight Ghost,” along with other playful spirits, ghost stories from this inn are well documented in Haunted Houses of Cape Cod.

Lizzie Borden B&B, Fall River, MA: Stay here and you may be poked, prodded, pushed, pinched or even passed through. The innkeepers have seen and felt it all in this B&B named after the infamous ax-wielding Lizzie Borden.

Birchwood Inn, Lenox, MA: One guest swears a cat sat on his feet the first night, then it changed into a beautiful female apparition the second night.

Thaddeus Clapp House, Pittsfield, MA: Playwright Peter Bergman encountered the spirit that resides here when he was rehearsing a play in the B&B’s drawing room, where the original owners held “parlor plays” in the 1800s.

Nichols Guest Rooms, Seekonk, MA: Shadows and strange sounds in the night, and lights mysteriously flickering on and off ensure that guests know that friendly spirits remain here.

Colonial House Inn and Restaurant, Yarmouth Port, MA: One guest recounted how he felt someone tapping him on the shoulder; when he looked up he saw a transparent figure of a woman wearing a bonnet.

Coach Stop Inn, Bar Harbor, ME: This former tavern and coach stop is home to Abbe, a spirited little girl who loves music

Greenville Inn, Greenville, ME: Last summer, a guest staying in the Carriage House Suite reported in full detail about her encounter with a lovely young female ghost.

Berry Manor Inn, Rockland, ME: Three older women were spotted in the front windows by paranormal investigators smiling with pinkies pointed into the air.

Captain Lindsey House, Rockland, ME: Captain Lindsey is still hanging around the Captain Lindsey House, along with 35 other spirits, according to what he told the “spiritologists” on their recent visit to the inn.

LimeRock Inn, Rockland, ME: When experts of the paranormal visited the LimeRock Inn, they felt the presence of many people in the front parlor – vestiges of the patients that once sat in the parlor waiting room, when the inn was home and office to Dr. Lawry, the local physician.

1794 WATCHTIDE…by the Sea, Searsport, ME: Spirits reside here playing music and pranks on innkeepers and guests.
Carriage House Inn, Searsport, ME: A paranormal expert verified there are at least two entities living here, both of whom experienced untimely deaths.

Three Chimney’s Inn, Durham, NH: Innkeeper Karen Meyer feels the presence of an “angel on her shoulder” here; one night after a particularly long week she received a clear message from her guardian angel.

Sugar Hill Inn, Franconia, NH: One evening, an elderly couple came to visit, then disappeared through a locked door.

Beal House, Littleton, NH: Slamming doors and late-night stomping up and down stairs allow the haunted dwellers of this inn to make their presence known.

Inn at Jackson, Jackson, NH: Jason, once the trusted workman at the inn, committed suicide as a young adult, yet returns to check on repairs at the inn.

Green Mountain Inn, Stowe, VT: Boots Berry, the tap dancing ghost and former local hero, can still be heard dancing on the third floor of the inn during severe winter storms.

Golden Stage Inn, Cavendish, VT: The innkeepers have become so familiar with the young friendly spirit who appears dressed in a traveling cloak and a large brimmed hat, that they’ve named him George.

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PHOTO: The Vampire’s Lair at Magnolia Mansion
The scene of many ghost sightings at this haunted New Orleans B&B

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