Girlfriend’s Guide to Smart Spring Travel

Miss Flora, Women’s Health Expert, Shares Tips for a Safe and Healthy Spring Vacation

Spring is almost upon us – and thank goodness for that! Between the job or school and your personal life you’ve worked yourself to uselessness and it’s time for some much needed relaxation, recreation and entertainment. Whether you’re preparing for spring break or a weekend getaway with the girls, Miss Flora, women’s health expert and travel maven, offers the following tips for a safe and healthy spring vacation.

• Visit Your Doctor: If you’re traveling abroad, there may be certain vaccinations or other preparations required
before your departure. Play it safe and check with your health care provider before your trip. Some doctors and
clinics specialize in travel medicine. Take advantage of these services if they are offered to ensure a safe and
healthy trip.

• Don’t Bring the Bling: Although you may have scheduled fancy dinners and late nights out on the town, it’s
wise that you avoid traveling with and wearing lavish jewelry while on vacation. Since tourists make attractive
targets, avoid wearing items that project affluence to lower your chances of getting pick pocketed or robbed.

• Don’t Wait to Urinate: Whether you’re driving cross country or flying oversees, don’t wait to urinate. Doing so
can increase the risk of poor urinary tract function. In addition to going when you have to go, cranberries may
also be helpful in maintaining a healthy urinary tract. Traveling with fresh cranberries or a bottle of unsweetened
cranberry juice, however, can be quite cumbersome. Instead, pack new CranAssure ( in
your travel bag. This convenient and easy-to-swallow softgel contains the strongest cranberry extract from
Ocean Spray® for maximum urinary tract support.

• Plan for Safe Sex: For some vacationers, romance may be on the itinerary along with trips to the beach and
touring your final destination. Practice safe sex by bringing condoms and/or another contraceptive with you. If
you take birth control pills, be sure to pack enough to last your entire trip. Carry at least one pill pack in your
purse or carry on item if you’re flying so to they won’t get lost even if your luggage does.

• Don’t overindulge: Mealtimes while on vacation are often filled with rich foods, deserts and drinks that may add
empty calories to your diet. To keep your energy levels up and your weight down, eat a well-balanced diet full of
vitamin-rich fruits and veggies such as blackberries, mango, spinach and squash.

Vacations are a time to be carefree, but a little bit of preparation is necessary to ensure you have safe and healthy
excursion. For more healthy travel tips, visit

About Miss Flora:
Miss Flora was born in 1958, in Schenectady, New York. This quirky and vivacious character devotes her time to
educating women of all ages about how to live healthy and fulfilled lives. She recently left her position as Chair of
Cranberry Studies at Pharmavite University to spread the word about the value of cranberries in maintaining urinary
tract health. Miss Flora is a contributing writer for women’s magazines and Web sites and has also served as a grade
school teacher, small-town school marm and a nanny.

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