Heart of Texas Lands in Chelsea

The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived: you can now order kangaroo meat in Chelsea.

And good kangaroo at that.

Chef Tim Love is a true born-and-bred Texan, and he has the wild game menu to prove it. The Manhattan debut of his restaurant Lonesome Dove brings the only place in town where you can feel home on the range (underneath a monstrous Longhorn Steer mount), eat a little hunted game, and kick back some drinks—in a saloon atmosphere that’s all Lone Star State (minus the concealed handguns).

The Braised Rabbit Empanadas and the Boursin-Stuffed Kangaroo Nachos should have you second-guessing the role that chicken has been playing in your life. The Game Rubbed New Zealand Red Deer Chops are supremely tender (and come with some killer white truffle mac and cheese), and if you want to go in for the kill, the two-foot long Grilled Tomahawk Chop, a whole steer rib, should put all questions of manhood to rest.

If the meat off of the bone isn’t enough, try the Prairie Butter, a tasty roasted buffalo bone marrow (you’re in Texas now) that you spread on grilled bread. Finally, no stop at the Dove is complete without doing a shot of Tuaca (a chilled Italian liqueur) in the kitchen with the Chef himself.

Now, that’s what we call true Love.

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