Goddess of the Open Road Launches Travel-Related Internet Retail Store, HelloTraveler.com

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) July 18, 2005 — Film developers must love vacationers, because plenty of people only manage to whip out their camera when they take a trip. Travel photos are some of our favorites. And many don’t keep a daily journal either, but they will keep notes about interesting travel discoveries.

So, with the traveler in mind — HelloTraveler.com has collected an exceptional selection of journals, photo albums, scrapbooks & embellishments and photo display items from frames to furniture.

“After the journey itself, it’s all about the memories” says owner Deborah Busch. “I was generally fairly lazy about organizing and displaying my travel photos then I caught the scrapbooking bug and realized what vivid stories those pictures told when arranged attractively with mementos and decorative elements.”

Ms. Busch, the self-proclaimed Goddess of the Open Road, developed the business concept after returning from a 3 month Around-the-World trip in early 2004. And after spending more than a decade in the book publishing business, she was aware of the array of travel journals on the market but couldn’t locate a retailer with a broad choice of blank books that were themed or geared for the traveler. The same was mostly true of travel-themed scrapbooks and embellishments, not to mention picture frames.

“I really felt that consumers would respond to a specialized online store that they can visit before a trip to select a user-friendly, attractive journal and visit again upon their return to decide how they want to display their images”, Ms. Busch states. “So my product goals are threefold: to carry a compelling and varied selection, to offer easy display solutions for your pictures and to create some unique, custom products that will be proprietary to HelloTraveler. We live in busy times and customers appreciate this type of specialized shopping experience.”

The company also has the ability to create bulk quantities of customized items for travel industry companies that offer gifts to their journeyers.

For more information and to view the product offerings, visit www.hellotraveler.com

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