Hurricanes are Here to Stay – Travel Insurance Can Help, Once You Understand What is Offered

NEW YORK, Sept. 7 /PRNewswire/ — Hurricanes such as Katrina this year, and Jeanne, Frances and Ivan in 2004, can totally disrupt your travel plans. Bad weather not only impacts popular destinations such as Florida and the Caribbean but can affect travels worldwide as we saw during last year’s Asian earthquake and tsunami. And let’s face it – hurricanes are not going away.

When shopping for travel insurance, you must be aware of coverage offered under the inclement weather clause. If you live in a hurricane-prone area such as the Gulf Coast states – Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas – you need to make sure that the policy you are buying includes coverage if your home becomes uninhabitable due to flooding. Note that bad weather impacts all coastal states including South Carolina, North Carolina, California and Hawaii. If you are traveling to a hurricane-prone area, you must also make sure that your hotel or vacation rental property will be covered in case of a weather-related emergency.

Although you can purchase a trip cancellation plan within 24 hours of your departure, when it comes to hurricanes, it is important to know that in order to be covered you need to purchase insurance before a hurricane is named. Recently, Hurricanes Maria and Nate were named. All policies purchased after a hurricane is named will exclude coverage for weather-related damage as a result of the hurricane.

There are eight weather-related insurance clauses described on our website: .

Total Travel Insurance ( is a useful website where you can read policy details of over 100 insurance plans. Total Travel Insurance is the only comparative website that allows you to compare prices from all major travel insurance companies and at the same time lets the traveler know if you will be covered in case of bad weather such as a hurricane or a snowstorm before buying.

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