Top Ten Things to Do in Indianapolis During the Final Four(R)

Underground Indianapolis Website,, Presents Top Ten Things to Do in Indianapolis During the Final Four(R)

INDIANAPOLIS, March 30 /PRNewswire/ — Hey, there are only three games. So what’s a visitor to do?

1. NCAA Hall Of Champions
Need more NCAA sports? The NCAA Hall of Champions museum, in downtown
is celebrating the NCAA’s 100th anniversary. Their museum will be
staying open for 100 straight hours, over the weekend.

700 West Washington Street – 317.916.4255

2. St. Elmo Steak House
It’s the real deal. Make reservations, bring a thick wallet-and be
advised that the shrimp cocktail will clear up any past or future sinus
trouble in just under five seconds.

127 South Illinois Street – 317.635.0636

3. Duckpin Bowling
Head to Fountain Square, the only spot in Indianapolis (or anywhere
else in the Midwest) that offers duckpin bowling. Once you get used to
longer frames, shorter pins and balls without holes, you’ll have a
great time.

1105 Prospect Street – 317.686.6006

4. Mellencamp on Monument Circle
Sunday afternoon. On the Circle. In the center of Indianapolis. A
free concert headlined by Indiana’s own John Mellencamp — who has
vowed to teach the NCAA how to R-O-C-K

1 Monument Circle – 317.232.7615

5. Massachusetts Avenue
Find the best jazz in the city at the Chatterbox Tavern, then pop
across the street to stores like @ Home In The City for some unique
gifts to remember your trip by.

435 Massachusetts Avenue – 317.636.0584

6. Indiana State Museum 92 County Walk
Take a tour of Indiana in the time it takes to walk around this museum.
The 92 County Walk outdoor exhibit depicts each of the State’s 92
counties through engaging sculptures.

650 West Washington Street – 317.232.1637

7. Short Short Film Festival
This is a virtual stop. Go online and get the rules for making your 60
second film. Submit it online and go for the $5000 grand prize.

8. The Rathskeller
As Indianapolis’ oldest restaurant, it’s part of the majestic Athenaeum
building-designed by the architect grandfather of novelist Kurt
Vonnegut. Excellent German food and lots-o-beer.

401 East Michigan Street – 317.636.0396

9. Speak/Spoken
Speak/Spoken is a public art installation under West Street. As cars
rumble overhead, a continuous video projection appears on a screen in
the middle of the canal.

Central Canal & West Street — Under the Street • No phone

10. Steak n Shake
Headquartered in Indianapolis, they’ve got the best late night burger-
Steakburgers — two blocks from the Dome and all over town.

101 West Maryland Street – 317.634.8703

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