International Travel Made Safer With Multi-Lingual Digital Doctor In Your Pocket

Physician-Recommended PassportMD Lets Travelers Take Translated Medical Chart Overseas

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Aug. 18 /PRNewswire/ — People traveling for pleasure or business internationally have long faced a disconcerting possibility: What if they became ill — and their medical records, medications and medical history were in a language that was not understandable by their treating physician? These days, medical mistakes are common especially when a patient’s past medical history is not available.

A Florida doctor has created the solution. PassportMD is a consumer-based medical record storage service that acquires, organizes, digitizes and now translates an individual’s medical records and stores them on a business card- sized CD-ROM.

With over 45 megabytes of capacity, the disk can hold critical and potentially life-saving medical records and other personal data, including blood type, medications, allergies, or emergency family or doctor contact information. It also can store specific records, like a heart patient’s EKG, echocardiograms, stress tests and cardiologist notes, or any chronically ill patient’s records and history.

Saved in a simple format accessible by any Windows-based computer, PassportMD guarantees translated medical records are as close as the card- carrying patient’s wallet.

“Medical mistakes are made when a person is treated by a physician that does not have access to that person’s medical history. All too often when an emergency arises for a traveler abroad, precious time is wasted as a medical professional tries to interpret a foreign patient’s medical history,” says Steven Hacker, M.D., the Delray Beach, FL., physician who created PassportMD after his father faced a similar emergency while on a European cruise.

“Translating and digitizing an individual’s medical record ensures the patient can travel safer to foreign countries. This is helpful for the doctor, and can be life-saving for the patient. It is one less thing you have to worry about when traveling to a foreign county.”

The base PassportMD service costs $149.95 per year and includes monthly updated personalized PassportMD disks. Translation services are additional and start at .18 cents per word depending upon the language requested for translation.

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