Jaguar Cars for Jaguar Cats – Jaguar North America Joins Happy Hollow Park & Zoo to Celebrate New Jaguar Cat, Sophia

IRVINE, Calif., May 18 /PRNewswire/ — Jaguar North America and San Jose British Motors will celebrate the coming out of Happy Hollow Park & Zoo’s newest feline — their 17-month-old jaguar cat, Sophia. Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, which is located in San Jose, California, will host local city politicians as well as zoo supporters during a coming out celebration for the new jaguar cat.

Jaguar North America, which began supporting jaguar-related conservation in the mid-80s, will donate $7,000 to support the cost of exhibit maintenance for the jaguar for one year, as well as donate an additional $50 for every Jaguar car that is purchased from San Jose British Motors during the month of June 2005. San Jose British Motors also supports as an official sponsor of the celebration.

In 2003, Jaguar North America developed the Jaguar Conservation Trust. The Trust is a grass roots program that protects the company’s namesake. The objective of the Trust is to support conservationists in their efforts to preserve, protect and propagate the jaguar, in the wild as well as in captivity. To date, Jaguar North America has granted over $50,000 to support this objective in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Belize — all native regions for the cat.

“Jaguar is proud to bring the goals of the Trust to the U.S. by supporting Happy Hollow Park & Zoo’s new jaguar cat — Sophia,” said Cathy Bennett, San Francisco Market Manager for Jaguar North America. “Assisting organizations that conserve and protect our namesake ensures that this magnificent cat is around for years to come.”

From its beginning as a manufacturer of motorcycle sidecars in 1922, Jaguar has grown to become one of the world’s premier manufacturers of luxury sedans and sports cars and with that, one of the most recognized commercial brands. The company’s vision is simple: To produce beautiful fast cars that are desired the world over. The company operates three manufacturing plants in the United Kingdom and is fully engaged in environmental programs, community work and brand awareness exercises such as motor sport.

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