Jazeera Airways Travelers’ Fly in Support of Lebanon

Kuwait (PRWEB) September 24, 2006 — Jazeera Airways, the wings of freedom, flew its first flight back to Lebanon Wednesday with a cabin full of passengers taking advantage of Jazeera Airways’ free flight to Beirut offer. The airline had announced yesterday that it will fly its flight to Beirut for free to the first 163 Beirut lovers who report to Kuwait International Airport (KIA) on September 20 at 4pm wearing a T-shirt expressing their love for Lebanon.

Chairman and CEO Marwan Boodai said “Beirut holds special place in our hearts, and offering our entire first flight for free to our travelers is the least we can do to support the city in getting it back on its feet after the war.”

Beirut was one of five destinations the airline launched with when it first took flight on October 30, 2005. Soon after Jazeera Airways became the airline of choice for travelling between Kuwait and Beirut. In fact, based on civil aviation statistics half of all travelers to Beirut fly Jazeera Airways.

“This offer is for the people, for the travelers, and for Beirut,” added Boodai

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