Jim Flynn’s BestWeekends Makes It Easy To Plan The Perfect Weekend Getaway

BRIELLE, N.J., Sept. 30 /PRNewswire/ — A new, easy to navigate travel website gives weekend travelers a single online source for totally unbiased destination profiles for weekend travel. Jim Flynn’s BestWeekends (http://www.bestweekends.com/) guarantees totally objective reviews and recommendations for the best places to stay and eat and the best things to do during a weekend trip because the Company travels anonymously and accept no advertising, free meals or rooms.

According to Jim Flynn, the founder of BestWeekends LLC, the Company was created to save the traveler time and eliminate the mistakes many make in planning a trip. BestWeekends researches all the available information about a destination and then lives there for a period of time — staying in the hotels and inns, eating in the restaurants, taking the tours and talking to the locals.

“With all the travel information online, it can take days for the average person to research a weekend trip and even then you are not sure the information is accurate. Our concept is to do the legwork for the traveler”, says Flynn. “Busy people are willing to pay for this kind of convenience and the added benefit of knowing that featured hotels and restaurants haven’t “paid” to be recommended — as is the case with many free travel websites.”

Visitors to BestWeekends.com will have access to a free mini-profile of each travel destination and will be able to view a free complete Destination Profile. For 30-day access to a complete, comprehensive Destination Profile, visitors will pay a $19.99 subscription fee and discover:

* Where to Stay: The top 3-5 best hotels, inns and B&Bs with specific
room recommendations and pictures.

* Where to Dine: The top 3-5 best restaurants with specific table
recommendations and pictures.

* Things to Do: The best things to do, where to do them and who to do
them with.

* Good To Know: Highlights the “best” of each destination — everything
from the best burger to where to enjoy outdoor cocktails
to what to do on a rainy day to where to go after

* Special Things: Little known romantic activities like a park gondola
ride, a moonlit sleigh ride, a secret picnic cove and

* Photo Scrapbook: Get a “feel” for a destination with a dazzling display
of pictures.

* Weekend Planner: Provides phone numbers, website addresses for
all recommendations and an easy to complete weekend

“A weekend is three days at the most,” continues Flynn, “so what do you need to know to have a great weekend? You don’t need a list of 50 hotels, 7 golf courses and 10 museums. People need to know the absolute best choices for a place to stay and the best places to eat. Based on what they like to do, they need the information on what is best in each category. We give them all that, plus lots and lots of photos.”

Currently the site, offers 13 East Coast Destinations including, Stowe, Vermont, Boston, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Newport, Rhode Island, The Hamptons, New York City, the Jersey Shore, New Hope, Pa/Lambertville, NJ, Washington, DC, Charleston, Savannah and Key West. The Company expects to have 50 destinations across the country by the end of 2006.

Site Access for the Press

To visit the site and experience a complete Destination Profile, please do the following;

1. Click on “Create an Account” and submit the information.

2. Upon receipt of your confirmation e-mail (which is sent to you
immediately), click on the link to activate your account.

3. Type in the word Media1 in the promotional code box. You will then be
given 30 day access to one free destination of your choice plus the
free Jersey Shore sample.

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