Kerala Still Remains A Popular Tourist Destination in 2006

Learn about Kerala, a top-50 must-see travel destination selected by National Geographic Traveler. is a website designed to bring out the variety and beauty of Kerala.

Cochin, Kerala (PRWEB) November 27, 2006 — The website seeks to bring out the variety and beauty of Kerala. National Geographic Traveler has selected Kerala in India as a top-50 must-see-in-a-lifetime travel destination.

In words and pictures, the website looks at the variety of Kerala, including among others, a tea garden hill, mountain river, peaceful beach, an old world town, flowers, elephants, the monsoon rains, a rural temple festival, religions, recipes and stone carvings. Words-and-pictures pages covering other attractions are added regularly.

Instead of just describing the sights and events, the website seeks to go deeper into the significance of much that a traveler would see. The reader would learn about the stories and legends behind local festivals, and could even read an elephant story. He or she would get a glimpse into the lifestyle of the people.

For a traveler seeking to recharge himself or herself amidst refreshing greenery and languid lake cruises, Kerala is an ideal solution. On the other hand, for travelers seeking excitement and strange sights, Kerala provides country boat races, elephant spectacles and the martial art kalari payattu.

There is a traveler’s info page to learn how to get about in Kerala. And a Contact Us form to ask the Webmaster for specific travel assistance.

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