Golf and Winemaking A-Z

(PRWEB) September 11, 2005 — Golf professional and winemaker Kris Moe has managed to bring together his two passions in a package that involves golfers and wine lovers in the process of both improving their golf and making wine.

Kris Moe is like many wine enthusiasts living in Sonoma, California, in that he makes his own wine. One significant difference, however, is that Mr. Moe’s “day job” is a golf school operator.

“There’s definitely something special about working in the vineyard, harvesting and crushing the grapes. It may be a bit of work but in a busy world it makes you appreciate the land that grows the fruit and the time and effort it takes to make a good wine. It’s not often that people have the opportunity to take a product from its inception and see it through to its finish, there’s something very gratifying about this.”

The Golf and Winemaking A-Z school is a program designed for people willing to roll up their sleeves to improve their golf then get in the vineyard and do some picking and stomping of the grapes. “It may seem like a silly analogy but improving your golf game is a process much like winemaking, you work with what you got and with some blending here and there you should develop a game that is satisfying to you. As golf coaches we assist golfers on the blending of ideas or motion.”

The golf improvement portion of the program is in the heart of the Sonoma Valley and is actually bordered by vineyards. Sonoma Golf Club is also home to the Champion’s Tour season finale, the Schwab Cup, where top players like Hale Irwin and Craig Stadler will be battling for the championship in late October.

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