New Zealand Company Introduces L’omo(TM) (Lotion In Motion) to United States Market

Slip, slop, slapping on the sunscreen just got a whole lot easier, thanks to a product developed with a little bit of Kiwi ingenuity.

TAMPA, Fla., April 8 /PRNewswire/ — Increasing awareness of skin cancer and the dangers of being unprotected in the sun led Auckland Company, Stingray New Zealand, to develop an applicator for applying sunscreen to that hard-to- reach spot in the middle of the back. The L’omo(TM) (short for Lotion in Motion(TM)) is a revolving roller that spreads sunscreen evenly across the back, ensuring complete coverage and better protection from the sun. Stingray New Zealand has recently opened up a sales office in Tampa, Florida and is introducing the product to distributors, retailers, dermatologists, tanning salons and other outlets where lotions and sunscreens are sold.

Stingray owner Scott Tucker says he developed the product for anyone who wants to “block the sun, not the fun” — at the beach, pool, surfing, boating, gardening, working, etc. — but has no one to help apply sunscreen. “The L’omo is specifically designed to be compact, convenient and COOL so that you can take it anywhere and stay protected,” he says. It works for any size, age or sex and can also be used for applying self-tanning, after-sun and moisturizing lotions.

“As a person who has had skin problems on my back as a result of being unprotected from the sun, I know the full value of our product,” says Matt Gault, Vice President of US Sales & Operations. “Not only is the product cool and easy to use, but it will truly help people avoid having skin problems as a result of the sun’s rays.”

For more information on L’omo(TM) and to see a demonstration of how it works, please visit our website at or call 813- 960-1519.

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