Las Vegas Goes Bananas at 2006 Show in Sin City

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Oct. 3 /PRNewswire/ — The Coola Hula Skirt, the all new, brightly colored swimsuit cover-up was pure MAGIC when it debuted at the fashion industry’s number one trade event the last week of August. The swingin wrap pulled off a magic feat indeed as that rare fashion item perfect for every age demographic. All in all, the Coola Hula skirt lived up to its promise to “put a swing in your hips and a smile on your lips.”

Buyers worldwide flipped for the hip skirt with the retro attitude. MAGIC Show interest, orders, and offers bode well for the skirt’s odds of grabbing a piece of the multi-billion dollar swimsuit cover-up industry. Former Speedo Sales Director S. Miller will give the skirt a chance to make a real splash with over one hundred fifty key accounts domestically.

The Coola Hula Skirt is the brainchild of maverick designers Kat Conway and Jimmy James Stonich, and the jewel in the crown of their newly formed Coola Hula Company. A former model, actress and Los Angeles designer, Conway is no stranger to the world of fashion. Acknowledged internationally with three product awards, Chicago’s “Jimmy James” is credited with selling thirty-three million dollars in product for his former business, WWTTON. Perfectly simpatico, the pair has developed a line of hip luxury wear. Highly inventive and sweepingly original, Coola Hula has been delighting film/TV stars, buyers, and consumers since hanging up its shingle just last year.

The company is a lottery win waiting to happen for would-be distributors and reps locally and worldwide. Setting its sights on the high-end mainstream market a la Fred Segal, Bloomingdales, and Target Designer, Coola Hula’s designs are kitschy, avant garde, and ingenious. Launching their line from the swimwear industry diving board, the company is rapidly diversifying to include clothing and accessories for those who love the visionary and the vintage. A tip of the hat to Dolce & Cabana, Jean Paul Gautier, and Frank Gerry, Coola Hula Company’s designs will soon be showing up on cruise lines and five star resorts internationally.

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