“Leaving Brooklyn? Fugheddaboudit!” – EscapeMaker.com Debuts Brooklyn Getaway Guide

EscapeMaker.com has created the most comprehensive visitors’ guide to Brooklyn, NY anywhere on the web, covering more than 40 separate neighborhoods.

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 6, 2006 — EscapeMaker.com, the online guide to quick local weekend getaways and day trips in the Northeast, celebrates its 6th anniversary by expanding its range again — right into its own backyard.

Working to promote Brooklyn Tourism (visitbrooklyn.org), EscapeMaker.com has created the most comprehensive visitors’ guide to Brooklyn, New York on the web, with detailed information on 43 separate neighborhoods and business listings on all that are mentioned.

“Brooklyn’s renaissance started more than ten years ago, and shows no signs of slowing,” says EscapeMaker.com President Caylin Sanders, “and as a Brooklyn-based business ourselves, we’re thrilled to be highlighting all the incredible things to do and see here!”

EscapeMaker.com’s profile covers a complete range of attractions, from cultural touchstones like the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Brooklyn Museum of Art, to the Coney Island boardwalk and where to find the best discount shopping. Special emphasis is given to the remarkable variety of food that visitors can try in the borough, with everything from high-end French bistros and Latin fusion, to the beloved Nathan’s hot dog at Coney Island.

Adding to Brooklyn’s appeal for travelers, is the fact that the entire borough is accessible via public transportation. Since its launch in 2000, EscapeMaker.com has focused on finding places accessible by mass transit from New York City — so each of the 43 neighborhood profiles includes easy-to-follow instructions for getting there by subway or bus. Additional links direct users to schedules and maps on New York City Transit’s website.

“Obviously there’s more to experience in Brooklyn than any one summary can do justice to,” says Sanders, “so we hope our guide will inspire people not just to visit once, but to keep coming back.”

For more information, log on to Escapemaker.com or visit http://www.escapemaker.com/ny/brooklyn/brooklyn.html

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