Light Waves Concept’s LEDs Hit the Hotel Circuit

NEW YORK, NY — (MARKET WIRE) — 05/03/2005 — Anyone who’s ever been to Las Vegas knows they make high-rises like no one else. On top of being oft built in the mold of ancient Egyptian sculptures or European landmarks, they all have an uncanny brightness to them. But, take a closer look at the Hard Rock, the Bellagio or the MGM Grand and you’ll notice the glow around the circumference of each structure is almost ethereal.

That glow is LED lighting, a revolutionary new source of artificial illumination. A recent headline in USA Today proclaimed, “LED evolution could spell the end for light bulbs.” This seems to be the growing consensus. And while the “evolution” of the LED bulb is not yet quite as advanced, in terms of light output, as the incandescent bulb, its Vegas-style applications are sweeping the nation.

Light Waves Concept, Inc., a New York-based manufacturer and retailer of LED bulbs and fixtures, is currently in talks with W Hotels, Radisson and US Grant to provide them with the same spectacular facades now specific to Vegas, Times Square, Tokyo and Shanghai.

“They [hoteliers] are seeing a direct correlation between exterior lighting designs and guest-volume,” said owner and chief designer, Joel F. Slavis. Light Waves, originally a track lighting company, has been in the LED business for about a year. “Put it this way, since we started in LEDs we’ve pretty much doubled our business every quarter and the majority is commercial. This is a trend that’s here to stay.”

LEDs use 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, and they last for 11 years. This alone guarantees their staying power. And their attractiveness to builders and hoteliers.

“Casino owners paved the way, but this is the kind of thing every hotel owner would like to do. Until now nobody had the funds, but pretty soon, even the smallest cities will be as colorful as Las Vegas,” said Slavis. While some city residents may feel some ambiguity about this prospect one thing is for sure: LEDs are attracting attention.

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