Rising American Pop Sensation, Adrienne, Hits London

Tsunami Benefit Concert & Promotional Visit

HOLLYWOOD, CA — (MARKET WIRE) — 03/22/2005 — “Adrienne,” one of the hottest rising international pop sensations, has just landed in the epicenter of modern pop culture: London, England! What started as a single visit to support DJ Shorty’s Tsunami Benefit Concert at Equinox on Monday, March 28th, has escalated to include several public appearances at London’s hottest venues, including the ChinaWhite, Turnmills, Attica and Cirque.

“Adrienne” is the incredibly sexy, immensely talented, cross-over (‘hip-pop’) recording artist that is taking the world by storm. Having just released “Hypnotic,” her debut album North America-wide on MIG Records, Adrienne is awed by the amazing support of her rapidly growing fan base (over a million hits per month on her website, www.adriennelau.com) and incredibly thankful for her star-studded team that made it possible. “I am living a dream,” said Adrienne, “and I’m thankful to everyone, every minute for making it come true.”

MIG Recording artist, Adrienne.In this, Adrienne has become something of a role model to other young women the world over. “I was born in Hong Kong,” said Adrienne, “and I remember reading the pop magazines every day, wishing I was there; it seemed so impossible.” But, through hard work and unquenchable determination, Adrienne kept moving toward her goal, springboarding from a formal education in the USA (Bachelor’s degree in Communications at UCLA ), to an internship at a television station, to television host with WatchAVision and finally, recording artist with MIG Records! Encouraging youth to pursue their dreams and, through example, teaching them to embrace the future of digital technology through the use of computers and cell phones are mainstays of Adrienne’s personal mandate.

Adrienne’s first singles, “Hypnotic Love,” and “X-Tacy” (remixes), were “Pick Hits for 2005″ (Flamingo Record Pool) and opened on the record pool charts at 11, rising to #1! An emphatic nod to their fresh, cosmopolitan styling that effortlessly transitions from pop, to urban, to dance/house.

“Hypnotic” was artfully crafted with the unparalleled talents of many industry heavyweights, including multi-award-winning producers Damon Elliott (credits include Gwen Stefani, Destiny’s Child, Macy Gray, Jessica Simpson) and Rick St. Hilaire (Alicia Keyes, Kid Capri); song writers such as Belawa Mohammed (Christina Aguillera and Britney Spears), Storm (Usher) and multi-award-winning Mya; and featured such performers as the much-lauded Ruff Ryders rap star, Jin (on first single, “Hypnotic Love” — the video also co-stars the infamous Mike Tyson!!!).

“London is amazing,” Adrienne enthusiastically reported this evening, as she stepped into the celebrity hot spot, Tantra, and indeed the welcome has been stellar, from stepping aboard Virgin Airlines in Los Angeles through to a first welcome by London’s foremost purveyor of style and entertainment, Exclusive London (www.exclusivelondon.co.uk) and one of Europe’s leading music promoters, Zen Nation (www.zennation.com), it has been perfect. For details on Adrienne’s London appearances (and performances) please visit the websites.

Dr. Henry Jones, owner of MIG Records, was equally positive when contacted this afternoon: “It is an honor to be invited to London,” said Dr. Jones, “and it will undoubtedly be the genesis of many long term relationships.” Dr. Jones’ alma mater is Middlesex University.

For more information on Adrienne, MIG Records and Dr. Henry Jones please visit www.migrecords.com

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