Maple Grove Visitors, Now Have Personal Guides When Choosing Restaurants, Shopping, and Amenities.

Brad Boyd, real estate broker, entrepreneur, and founder of both Boyd Law Firm, PLLC and Full House Realty, LLC noticed something driving to and from his office in Maple Grove, MN. With the wide array of restaurants, lodging, shopping, and amenities Maple Grove continues to develop, Maple Grove residents and visitors may not be able to easily find what they are looking for. From that observation, the Maple Grove Guide was born, providing a unique and attractive resource for Maple Grove visitors and residents, while offering unparalleled exposure and opportunity for Maple Grove businesses.

Maple Grove, MN (PRWEB) September 21, 2006 — Maple Grove, Minnesota is the home to an incredible array of restaurants, shopping, and lodging, all of which compete for the attention of residents and visitors it attracts. Since Maple Grove is an easily-accessible suburb in the northwest quadrant of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, finding your way to Maple Grove is not the challenge. Finding your favorite points of interest and making the most of your visit is the tricky part. The Maple Grove Guide, recently launched online at, provides the answer to those looking for more information about this exciting and growing area. The Maple Grove Guide provides an overview of the best that Maple Grove has to offer, in a distinctive and unique approach.

Restaurants in Maple Grove are numerous, ranging from fast-dining options like Chipotle or Leann Chin, to well-known franchises such as California Pizza Kitchen and PF Chang’s, to unique restaurants with a local base or those not seen in many other locations in the Twin Cities, such as Biaggi’s, Sawatdee, or Claddagh Irish Pub. As if the dining options alone were not enough to bewilder the visitor or stump a Maple Grove resident looking for a bite to eat, the restaurant options are quickly dwarfed by the number of shopping and retail options begging for your attention. For those who plan to shop, dine and enjoy Maple Grove for a weekend or longer visit, the selections haven’t ended; the visitor also has to choose from a variety of local hotels or lodging establishments. How does a visitor or new resident in the area find a path through all the choices? makes this process easier, and can be counted among the best resources available for those who want to take a tour of the area before even stepping foot in the city. The Maple Grove Guide features pages dedicated to finding specific restaurants, lodging, shopping, community resources, and more. It offers information equally valuable to residents as to visitors, since it is also a directory to schools, parks, the library, the post office, and other resources and amenities. Since the guide does not rely on unrelated outside advertising, the content is focused on businesses and resources with a Maple Grove presence, without distracting banner ads or advertisements so often found with other “resources”. Even more unique to the Maple Grove Guide is its easy-to-navigate layout, with photos and detailed descriptions that capture the look and feel of Maple Grove its visitors and residents find so inviting.

Maple Grove has something for everyone, and the Maple Grove Guide provides an overview. For those who like the nostalgia of a small town, Maple Grove’s Main Street has a quaint and pedestrian-friendly design with a “small-town downtown” look and feel, even though it features modern stores, businesses, and amenities. For those who prefer the unique experience of an “outdoor lifestyle center”, recently established developments such as the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes and the developing Fountains at Arbor Lakes provide an enjoyable shopping and entertainment experience that incorporates natural elements, a pleasant architectural design, and a balance of pedestrian-only areas with easy access and plentiful parking. Maple Grove’s countless other retail, business and community amenities make it a tremendous destination for visitors, and “home” to its residents. The Maple Grove Guide is a new “home” to those looking for the best of Maple Grove in a comprehensive and user-friendly resource.

About Maple Grove Guide: is owned, operated and managed by Full House Realty, LLC and is an informational guide and directory for residents of and visitors to Maple Grove, MN.

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