The Art of Peter Max Gallery Opens on Maui

Maui Can Now Boast One of Two Galleries in the World

LAHAINA, Maui, Hawaii, March 9 /PRNewswire/ — The Art of Peter Max Gallery, one of two galleries in the world solely dedicated to the art of Peter Max, is now open at 716 Front Street in Lahaina. Collectors and art enthusiasts can now view the large display of paintings that will also be available for purchase from the renowned artist Peter Max. The 1,000 square-foot Art of Peter Max Gallery is the second gallery worldwide to feature original paintings by Peter Max; the first gallery opened in 2004 and is located at the Forum Shops in Las Vegas, Nev. These two galleries contain the largest collections of original paintings by Peter Max for sale anywhere in the world.

Max’s works are some of the most recognizable of any artist ever depicting culture in America. Some of the images that he has created during his long-standing career as a groundbreaking artist include: the famous multi-media image of the Statue of Liberty; he was the first artist whose work appeared on the U.S. 10-cent stamp bearing the title “Preserve the Environment”; and his work appears on 235 U.S. Border murals greeting millions of people entering the United States each year. Max captures America at its finest. With collections in more than 100 museums and galleries worldwide, Max has been successively called a “Pop Icon,” “Neo Fauvist,” “Abstract Expressionist” and the United States’ “Painter Laureate.”

His art has appeared on everything from a Boeing 777 Continental jumbo jet, to the 1999 Woodstock stage, to a giant mural at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. In addition to painting for numerous Heads of State including five American Presidents, Max has been designated as the Official Artist of five Super Bowls, five Grammy Awards, World Cup USA, The World Series, and the United Nations Earth Summit.

“We did a great amount of research in finding the Lahaina, Maui location for the gallery. For this second exclusive location, we wanted to be confident in the site, and Peter Max has always loved Hawaii,” said gallery owner, David Hakan. “With an eye specifically on this Maui gallery, Peter Max took a real interest in creating the paintings he felt would be most appropriate in this beautiful place.” he added.

The Art of Peter Max Gallery Maui is open 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily and showcases the artist’s varied styles of paintings in different media. The centerpiece of the gallery is a Liberty Head painting on canvas measuring 5′ x 5′ that sells for $79,500. Peter Max created this dramatic painting specifically for one of the primary walls in the gallery. When in the gallery, a visitor has the feeling of being in a Peter Max museum.

The Art of Peter Max Gallery, located at 716 Front Street on Maui, is the second gallery in the United States exclusively featuring the artwork of Peter Max. The unique collection of original paintings in the Maui gallery are selected by Max himself, offering the widest assortment of paintings to the great cross-section of art collectors and enthusiasts who visit and reside in Hawaii. For more information, please call 1-808-661-7979 or email

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