Top 3 Medical Issues Encountered While Traveling – And How to Deal with Them

Hygiene, CO (PRWEB) September 12, 2005 — Ask any fun-seeker or business traveler who has experienced illness abroad and they will tell you — medical issues can put a serious jolt in your journey if you don’t know how to deal with them.

Every year, thousands of American travelers venture abroad. Many of them become ill or experience injury. “Medical problems occur frequently,” says Dr. Jonathan E. Jensen, author of Globetrotter’s Pocket Doc: A Medical Translation Handbook for Travelers ( “You can greatly increase your chances of getting good care by being prepared.”

A board certified internist and gastroenterologist with twenty years experience, Dr. Jensen is also an avid traveler. While traveling in France, Dr. Jensen noticed the significant barrier language posed and created Globetrotter’s Pocket Doc to help travelers quickly impart important information.

Here Dr. Jensen shares the top three medical issue travelers encounter and reveals solutions:

1. Sudden Sickness. Experiencing an asthma attack, coming down with a nasty cold, or having a bad case of diarrhea in a foreign place can be frightening – especially if that place has somewhat sub par sanitation standards. Go to the hotel doctor, ask the concierge for recommendations or contact the U.S. Consulate for a list of doctors.

2. Language Barriers. It’s tempting to forgo an office visit when the doctor doesn’t speak English. But if you wait, you might get worse. To avoid communication barriers, fill out the translation section of Globetrotter’s Pocket Doc before leaving home and take it with you.

3. Missing Medical History. Could the local doctor unintentionally prescribe a medication that will only make your problem worse? He might – if he doesn’t know what other meds you’re taking or what problems you’ve had in the past. Before leaving, list all current medications, allergies, vaccinations, and medical problems. Copy this vital, lifesaving information into your copy of Globetrotter’s Pocket Doc and take it with you.

Armed with adequate information and a little preparation, you’ll be able to handle any medical issue – no matter where your travels take you!

Get your copy of “Globetrotter’s Pocket Doc” and free medical history forms at

Globetrotter’s Pocket Doc: A Medical Translation Handbook for Travelers
Caduceus International, LLC.
ISBN: 0-9718056-7-9

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