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Founder Aaron Sereboff offers all writers, editors, trade show/convention attendees and organizers a free test-drive of

OWINGS MILLS, Md., Feb. 16 /PRNewswire/ — Aaron Sereboff, the creator of, says, “I created because as a frequent traveler to seminars, trade shows, conventions and business meetings, I noticed so many travelers who found themselves in strange towns, attending conventions, news events, or meetings with people they didn’t know. So many associates at trade shows and conventions commented to me on how lonely this experience is, and I wanted to make their experience more enjoyable.”

Over the years Aaron had attended trade shows, conventions, seminars and social events on a regular basis and noticed people scrambling during these events to meet others and network about their businesses, or make plans for lunch, dinner or going out in the evening. Whether it was business or casual, everyone had the same idea that it was fun, exciting and frequently productive to meet new people in a new town. Aaron found that a good majority of people were interested in meeting people who were traveling to their towns for events, seminars, concerts, etc.

Most people simply do not like being alone or missing out on meeting people with similar interests, whether it be at a Rolling Stones concert or the “Consumer Electronics Show.” For many business or vacation travelers away from a familiar environment, evenings can be painfully lonely or boring. Absent effective networking, wonderful business, professional or personal contacts can be missed. Further, while at business functions, Aaron observed many people scrambling to find and meet with business contacts, or just make new friends. Aaron wanted to make the process of meeting people easier and less hectic by allowing people to see who will be at their event or in their city ahead of time. With the launch of, travelers nationwide will never again have to dread their next business trip.

For first-time or frequent travelers, not knowing where to turn or hang out after a long day of meetings is no longer a worry thanks to this one-of-a- kind “networking engine.” facilitates all facets of business and social networking, in advance, while offering tools to keep track of your travels. The easy-to-use format allows the traveler to search for people by event type or arrival/departure city. One of the reasons for the success of is that it offers the user a totally unique and productive experience for the average trip.

One of the most exciting features of the site allows members to post their events and travel schedule, free-of-charge, so other members are easily able to network and set up meetings, a golf game or perhaps a date. In addition to the exciting networking capabilities of members are provided with a color-coded digital calendar which posts their past, current and future plans.

At this time, there is no cost to sign up and join at

About the Founder

Aaron Sereboff is a 33-year-old inventor. His first invention was a product called “FUSION,” a sports grip that Andre Agassi endorsed and partnered with him on in 1995 when he was 23 years old. Aaron has been involved with numerous start-ups and is also a volunteer firefighter/EMT of 15 years.

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