Michigan Resort Named ‘Top 10′ Currier & Ives Sleigh Ride

HILLMAN, Mich., Jan. 9 /PRNewswire/ — Thunder Bay Resort’s Elk Viewing, Sleigh Ride, Gourmet Dinner and Wine Tasting combines a horse drawn sleigh ride, majestic elk, an outstanding gourmet dinner and wine tasting to create a memorable Currier & Ives experience.

Thunder Bay’s Sleigh Ride has been named 4th of “10 Great” American destinations for sleigh rides. Thunder Bay was the only Midwest destination resort honored.

The event begins as guests board Thunder Bay’s sleighs which are pulled by matched teams of massive dapple gray and black Percheron draft horses. They cross the Thunder Bay River along a wooded trail to the Resort’s 160 acre preserve to view elk and deer. Guides on each sleigh provide a running commentary on these majestic animals.

Then it is on to the cozy Elk Antler Log Cabin for a gourmet dinner and the opportunity to sample 5 to 7 wines from nearby Stoney Acres Winery. The great room in the cabin is furnished in period antiques, trophies and features a massive fireplace. The entire experience is like stepping back in time.

Between courses of wine, the guides pass from table to table with shed Elk Antlers, additional stories and crafts made from the shed antlers. Guests will also learn that “Velvet Elk Antler” is one of the most highly prized medicines in traditional Chinese and Korean medicine with an amazing history of over 2000 years of use.

Over dessert, Jan Matthias provides a humorous monologue about the 13 year history of the event. Then the sleighs return guests to civilization.

The “10 Great” list was compiled for USA TODAY by Samantha Berman, senior editor at SKI magazine, as reported by USA’s Shawn Sell. USA TODAY features a variety of “10 Great” lists of destinations.

“We are really pleased to be recognized and ranked so highly,” said Jan Matthias, owner and gourmet cook. Jan prepares the five course dinner in front of guests on two antique wood stoves.

The four hour event is available all winter for non-resort guests for $79 or as a weekend getaway or an overnight on Sundays. It’s also available as a summer and fall event with a number of variations like “Murder Mystery Weekends,” New Year’s Eve, Superbowl and St. Patrick’s Day parties, weddings, and as part of “Quilting Retreats.”

Information at http://www.thunderbayresort.com/ or 800-729-9375.

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