MobileLime(R) and POSitouch Integration Enables Mobile Shopping for Food Service and Hospitality

Largest POSitouch reseller RCS to offer MobileLime Services to merchants up and down the eastern corridor

BOSTON, April 11 /PRNewswire/ — MobileLime, the only mobile shopping solution provider, today announced the successful completion of its first POSitouch integration at Big City, a popular bar and restaurant in Boston, MA. The POSitouch integration marks the first time restaurants, hotels, country clubs, delivery services and arenas can leverage their consumers’ cell phones to build sales and improve profits. Retail Control Solutions (RCS), the largest POSitouch retailer on the east coast, will offer MobileLime services to their food service and hospitality customer base.

“We are very excited to be the first distributor to offer a fully integrated mobile marketing, loyalty and payment solution to our customers,” said Robert Cotton, VP of Sales, RCS. “The MobileLime solution, fully integrated at the point-of-sale through POSitouch, is so compelling for the hospitality industry-and so easy to make happen. We can easily upgrade existing users to the MobileLime Solution.”

MobileLime allows any establishment to offer loyalty programs, marketing promotions, and prepaid/gift programs without issuing cards or paper coupons. The solution works with all 170 million consumers’ mobile phones in the US. Establishments can deliver their marketing message to their consumers’ mobile phones using voice and data capabilities, while reinforcing their marketing program with customized email messages, receipts and a web site. Merchants can actively promote new programs or specials; update their customers on their program account balance, order status and more. For consumers, MobileLime enables each person to link all of the information they need to make a purchase — credit cards, loyalty cards, pre-paid cards, and even cash — to their mobile phone. At restaurants they can even select a tip with their phone making the payment process more convenient.

“RCS and POSitouch have the vision to ensure their customers have access to leading edge software solutions which will provide a competitive marketing advantage,” said Robert Wesley, CEO, MobileLime. “Now, with seamless integration at the point of sale through POSitouch, marketing, loyalty and purchase transactions are now easier and more effective than ever before.”

Big City is among the first to integrate MobileLime into its existing POSitouch POS system. Big City is scheduled to launch MobileLime service this month, joining the network that includes restaurants, clubs, grocery stores, general retail and taxis.


POSitouch is the hospitality industry’s leading point of sale (POS) application for Table Service, Quick Service, Hotels, Country Clubs, Delivery and Stadiums/Arena use. This Windows based, open architecture software is incredibly easy to use, maintain and expand. You’ll find POSitouch in use at thousands of food operations around the country.


Retail Control Solutions has been serving the hospitality marketplace since 1990 and is one of the fastest growing hospitality resellers in the United States. The company headquarters are located in Needham, Massachusetts with offices in Hartford, Chicago, and Atlanta. RCS has been a POSitouch Dealer since the company’s inception and remains one of the top POSitouch Dealers. For more information visit


MobileLime(R) is a service of Vayusa Inc, a Boston based company. MobileLime’s technology transforms any mobile phone into an indispensable shopping device at the store so that consumers can use their mobile phone to pay and save at MobileLime-accepting merchants. Merchants can increase sales and customer loyalty by offering reward programs, promotional coupon offers and more effectively reach their consumers at the most critical points in the purchasing process. Instead of bulging wallets and lost cards, consumers benefit from dramatically improved purchase convenience, unified loyalty programs and enhanced security. Credit card companies, wireless network operators and other consumer service companies can also leverage the MobileLime platform to deliver loyalty and payment programs to their customers using the mobile phone.

The MobileLime solution works on all 170 million US mobile phones and combines the power of data and IVR (interactive voice response) during the purchase transaction. MobileLime’s point of purchase power provides retailers and other merchants with per transaction sales, customer loyalty and cost savings unachievable with traditional card and paper-based programs. MobileLime is fully integrated with IBM, POSitouch, Retalix, StoreNext, Verifone, and other leading point of sale systems. The solution has been successfully marketed since March 2003 under the commercial name MobileLime(R).

For more information about MobileLime, please visit

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