Morgan Grays Exhibition in Oaxaca ‘Pata de Perro’: Travels Through Mexico

OAXACA, Mexico, June 7 /PRNewswire/ — Morgan Grays, the lifestyle-art collaboration of Morgan Molthrop and Stewart Grays, announced that it will present an exhibition at the Oaxaca Camino Real Hotel from July 2 – 15. MG’s inaugural exhibit, set in the hotel’s 16th century chapel, reflects a taste for Mexican icons, leather and textiles.

The exhibit will include a dozen large format photographs of a journey from Southern California through Mexico in a 1952 pick-up truck, also on display. The images evoke the color and diversity of a country struggling to balance its historic past with globalization.

“We choose local artisans to create a fusion of local and international styles for our exhibits,” explained Morgan Molthrop, CEO of MG.

“Pata de Perro” opens to the public on July 2. In addition to the large format photos, the exhibit will include:

— a recreation of a “Centro” Oaxaca apartment
— a pool-side Mexican surf scene inspired by Puerto Escondido
— a 19th century Mexican farmacia interior reconstructed on site

The altar of the former chapel will hold a gigantic photograph printed on canvas.

A percentage of the profits from the show will go to Pueblo Jaguar AC, a foundation created to protect jaguars by supporting indigenous agricultural industries.

Save The Jaguar

“As agribusiness takes its toll on farms, vast ranches are displacing jaguar habitats,” explained Stewart Grays, President of MG. Morgan Grays will introduce coffee, cocoa and chili products under the label, “Jaguar MG” to draw attention to the plight of the jaguars. These products will be sold at the gallery shop of the exhibition.

Pata de Perro

“Pata de perro” is Mexican slang for someone who strays from home and family. It comes from “pata,” roughly translated as “foot,” and “perro,” meaning dog. It is an allusion to the country’s many homeless but seemingly happy dogs. As the title of the exhibit suggests, both Morgan and Grays define home not as one place, but with each other, wherever their travels take them.

Morgan Grays, the Mexican subsidiary of EcoCite Worldwide, a California-based corporation, is a vertically integrated lifestyle design company, which uses local artisans and craftspeople to create a fusion masculine style.

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