New Product Line Eases the Pain and Hassles of Air Travel

SAN ANTONIO, April 28 /PRNewswire/ — Air travel has become such a hassle that travelers can’t relax and enjoy themselves until they arrive at their destination. It doesn’t have to be that way.

In its Gesundheit Collection, A Traveler’s Blessing(TM), offers six different travel kits featuring an eye-catching bag and an array of personal products. They can be purchased at . ($22.95 – $43.95).

Maya Royberg, president of A Traveler’s Blessing(TM), says, “The crowds and increased security bring lots of stress. So we have developed exclusive, upscale products that keep travelers relaxed and in good health while traveling.”

Bags can be purchased separately. Shoppers also can customize their own kit by choosing a bag, then selecting from a wide array of amenities, including a cashmere blanket, promenade socks, lip balm, essential oils, moist towelettes and a nail buffer. ($.55 – $38.00).

The Gesundheit Collection also offers a generously sized genuine leather bag with a large compartment and plenty of smaller pockets. The Executive Woman(TM) bag, measuring 15″ x 12″ x 6″, comes equipped with a blanket/pillow as well as an attached pill box holder. ($174.95).

Royberg notes many of the products can come in handy, as many airlines no longer provide pillows and blankets. Even when they do, many fliers wonder just how clean they really are. No more. “Travelers who purchase A Travelers Blessing(TM) blanket/pillow can rest assured that they are fresh, clean and sanitary,” Royberg says. “We offer a satiny, ivory pillow cover that slips over an airline pillow. Or, the cashmere blanket can be inserted into its own pouch to create a pillow,” she says. ($11.95 – $38.00).

The moist towelettes can be used to sanitize the arm rests, table tray and headrest as well as hands. The face mask, while unusual, can protect a traveler from catching air-born germs from nearby seatmates. ($.55 – $2.75).

“My husband and I travel a great deal for business and pleasure. I now find traveling a nightmare. That is why I think it is important to have the right personal products with you to help stay healthy and comfortable,” Royberg says.

For additional information, contact: A Traveler’s Blessing(TM), 1-800-863-8329. Visit .

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