New Rock Bar on the LES

There aren’t many problems that a soul-searing Hendrix riff and a stiff shot of Jim Beam won’t cure.

Now you’ve got a new place to seek this kind of refuge.

Soft opening tonight, R Bar is a no-attitude, no-pretentions spot with a glam rock bar feel—dig the crystal chandeliers, blood red walls, and 3-D holographic images of Sin City-ish leather-clad models over the bar to inspire your evening. Go for the real stuff with their impressive collection of whiskeys and bourbons (apparently the Basil Hayden’s 8 Years will make your night go down as hard as early Johnny Cash).

But the sexy back room is where it will be at, with a separate bar, blown up black-and-whites of Mick Jagger in a bathtub, and (in a move deserving of some accolade) underlit tables with tall brass poles…we are excited about the possibilities of what might happen here.

And most importantly—your ears may finally be relieved of the latest Hilton or Timberlake “jam” as DJs set things right with some classic rock and roll, old school hip hop, and rare groove.

At this rate, you may end up trying to keep yourself off those poles.

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